An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Full Moon Virgo 2018:

The dates and exact time for the full moon of Virgo are as follows.

August 26, 2018 @ 4:56 AM PT*

August 26, 2018 @ 11:56 AM GMT*



"I am the Mother and the Child. I ,God, I, matter am."


Rays: 2,6

Exoteric Rulers: Mercury- (Ray 4)

Esoteric Rulers: Moon- Ray 4 veiling Vulcan (Ray 1)

Hierarchical Rulers: Jupiter (Ray 2)


New Moon Virgo

September 9 @ 11:01 AM PT*

September 9 @ 6:01 PM GMT*



*Where and where Day Light Saving Time is in effect, please add one hour to the times shown.

Welcome to the World Service Intergroup

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Introduction to the WSI


The World Service Intergroup (WSI) is an international network of Ageless Wisdom groups committed to developing intergroup relationships, cooperation and synthetic subjective work. We have been meeting each year since 1996 during one of the Three Spiritual Festivals in various locations around the world including the five planetary centers of New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling and Tokyo.


The purpose of the World Service Intergroup is to  work within the Ashram of the Christ and the Ashram of Synthesis to generate a focused field of magnetic, intergroup love and purpose through inner meditative work and enhanced intergroup cooperation, to assist the externalizing Hierarchy and help strengthen the pathway for the reappearing Christ.


Hierarchy is a term used here to refer to those spiritual Masters of all traditions who have evolved through human experience to embody greater light, love-wisdom and spiritual power through ceaseless service to humanity and the Divine Plan. They have worked throughout the ages to further human evolution, and They are now in process of "externalizing" or becoming known in public life.


One of our tasks is to recognize them, and assist them by preparing humanity for the imminent reappearance of the World Teacher. This World Teacher, or The Coming One is known by many different names in the various spiritual traditions: Christ; Maitreya; Messiah; Imam Mahdi etc. This reappearance will be preceded by a widespread opening of the heart of humanity, and a recognition of the inner teacher in each one of us, manifesting as a consciousness of love and service to all.


Members of the World Service Intergroup who are helping prepare for this reappearance are educational and meditation groups located around the world who study and honor all of the great spiritual teachings of the ages, especially the more modern presentations by Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, H.P. Blavatsky, Lucille Cedercrans and other teachers of the Ageless Wisdom.