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The Christ, His Reappearance, and the Avatar of Synthesis

Joleen Dianne DuBois

White Mountain Education Association


About 600 B.C., under the fiery eyes of Sanat Kumara, Christ took the third initiation, becoming the head of the Planetary Hierarchy, thus becoming, for humanity, the perfect image of God.  


In the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, we can recognize that Christ has at least five different aspects, or meanings:


1. The inner Christ, which refers to one’s “inner glory,” the human soul.

2. The historical Christ.  The historical Christ came to the planet to build, in the soul of humanity, a prototypal being, an ideal man and woman that would be exactly what was in the mind of God.

3.   The Christ, Head of Hierarchy. Christ, in this aspect, is a name that is considered to be a title or office. When the present head of Hierarchy surpasses Himself and moves on to a greater position, the One who will replace Him will also be called “the Christ” The Head of Hierarchy does not belong to any one religion but to all religions, to the whole of humanity.

4. The Cosmic Christ, the soul of the Universe. The Cosmic Christ can be recognized as the link standing between matter and spirit. The Cosmic Christ is not only the bridge between Hierarchy and humanity but also the bridge between Hierarchy and Shambhala.

5. There is also the term Christ Consciousness, which refers to awareness on the Buddhic Plane.


“The Aquarian Christ, having further perfected Himself during the unfolding Age of Pisces, will serve the Universe as an image of the Cosmic Magnet as He enters into the Aquarius of the Greater and Lesser Zodiacs. In addition, it is thought that at some point during this reign of 2,500 years, as He enters into the lesser zodiac, is when the Law of Divisibility will likely be implemented, bringing an Aspect of the Cosmic Christ into incarnation into the three worlds.”  


The Lord Maitreya. Regarding the reappearance, Agni Yoga refers to the Epoch of Maitreya; The Master M. says: “Maitreya is coming, radiant with all fires. His Heart is aflame with compassion for destitute humanity. His Heart is aflame with the affirmation of the new Covenants. Maitreya’s is the Age of the Heart!”


The Christ, when He comes into incarnation, will most likely project himself into many parts and be where he wants to be. This is called the Law of Divisibility, a term used in Agni Yoga that means a highly developed spirit—one who is able to contact, simultaneously, various people in various locations. For example, a Master can be seen in various groups at the same time. He can even be in different planes serving and teaching on different levels to meet various needs of the people. He can do different jobs in different places at one time. He impresses the space with his images, and so forth.


I would like to change it to: The Aquarian Christ will magnetize the people who are imbued with the principles of the Aquarian Age: “Within the field of humanity, those who respond to the first wave of energy will be His disciples and Initiates. These are the ones who have a purified consciousness and are considered to be the more sensitized and receptive “cells” in the body of the Aquarian Christ. A receptive cell means to be as perfect as one possibly can be and to be free from hatred, jealousy, revenge, greed and the sense of separateness.”  


If we accept that fact that the Christ, the head of Hierarchy, in the Aquarian Age will serve the Universe as an image of the Cosmic Magnet, then each time we align to the Cosmic Magnet – the Center of Love – in our meditations, we will become further magnetized and charged with this fiery energy. The Cosmic Magnet is the Center of Love—the Heart Center of the Universe. Helena Roerich tells us that the abode of the Cosmic Magnet surrounds the constellation of Orion.


Christ, His Reappearance, and the Avatar of Synthesis


The Christ expressed Himself as Jesus. But it is not Jesus who will be reappearing, but rather Christ, the head of Hierarchy, Who is coming. And, the Avatar of Synthesis is going to express Himself through Christ. That is the mystery of the Avatars. When Christ was expressing through Jesus, He was the Avatar. The Avatar is the revealing one. The revelation is coming through Him.


Jesus was so purified and developed that He became able to transfer the great voltage of the Christ energy. In this New Age, Christ is going to express the Avatar of Synthesis, Who is a great Entity.


And because the Avatar of Synthesis is coming from extraplanetary sources, the Planetary Logos will enter into His aura. It is up to the Hierarchy to recognize Him, as humanity must recognize the Christ.


The Teaching indicates that the Avatar of Synthesis is going to come as the embodiment of the Seventh Ray and is connected with the Great Lodge of Sirius, which is outside our solar system. His influence is, of course, coming already, as evidenced through this group and others.


The Tibetan Master says that this Avatar cannot approach closer than the Cosmic Mental Plane. However, He will project his image to our Higher Mental plane. As a Cosmic Avatar, the Avatar of Synthesis will not descend below the Cosmic Mental Plane. But He can project His image to the mental plane. Those who want to contact Him must be consciously living in the mental plane.


We are slowly seeing the influence of synthesis in the world and the disturbances it is causing; for example, the global financial crisis. Unity though is becoming more visible. We see these things through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the William J. Clinton Foundation, established by former President Clinton, former President Carter, and others.  This union slowly will demonstrate; outer cleavages [will] be gone. Many are working for unity because the Avatar of Synthesis is opening the synthesizing centers in every human being. Those who oppose this idea of unity will be slowly eliminated from life’s arena.


 What is the Avatar of Synthesis doing? He is trying to impress on humanity that the only salvation that humanity can have is through synthesis—through harmony, understanding, unity, brotherhood, and cooperation. He is on the mental plane and He is inspiring us.


If you carefully observe, you will recognize the writings of people who are in tune with the Avatar of Synthesis; those enlightened politicians, educators and psychologists, doctors, and scientists—they speak that language. They speak in terms of “unity.”  You see it in groups, such as our group, the World Service Intergroup. But these groups are still in embryonic form.


The Avatar of Synthesis works through the Hierarchy as a whole, and specifically through the Christ, the Manu, and Master Morya, Who form … a triangle of energies into which (and through which) the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis can pour, finding right direction under Their combined efforts.  


The Tibetan Master says that the Great Avatar of Synthesis will transmit the energy of Synthesis. He thinks that Christ will be the representative of the Avatar of Synthesis and act as His transmitting Agent.


The Shambhala force, the force of Taurus, combined with many other forces, is paving the way for the reappearance of Christ. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, we read: “The reappearance of the Great Lord … will date from a certain Wesak festival at which a mantram (known only to those attaining the seventh Initiation) will be pronounced by the Buddha, thus setting loose force, and enabling His great Brother to fulfill his mission. Hence the gradual recognition of the Wesak festival, and its true significance in the occident is desirable, and opportunity will be offered to all who are willing to place themselves in the line of this force, and thus become vitalized by it, and consequently available for service. The reaction mentioned above, will also become possible through the pressure brought to bear by the present children, many of whom are chelas and some initiates. They have come in to prepare the way for the coming of His Feet.”


Does the Mother of the World play a part in the reappearance of the Christ? I think we would all agree in the affirmative. The Star of the Mother of the World is the planet Venus. In 1924, for a short time, this planet came unusually near to the Earth. Many feminine movements were kindled by those powerful rays. In June of 2004, Venus passed directly in front of the disc of the sun. This will happen again in June of 2012 and 2117.


“Can we see this as a sign of the incarnation of the Mother of the World, or at least an increase in feminine leadership in preparation for the return of Christ and the Mother of the World? Can these passages of Venus indicate the approach of the reappearance of an Avatar?”


Let me reiterate what I said early, as a closing to this mini-talk: The Christ expressed Himself as Jesus. It is not Jesus but the Christ Who is coming, and the Avatar of Synthesis is going to express through Christ and the Planetary Logos will enter into His aura. When Christ was expressing through Jesus, He was the Avatar. The Avatar is the revealing one. The revelation is coming through Him.

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