An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Coordinating Bodies of the WSI

Steering Group:


The Steering Group, composed of representatives of esoteric organizations who are willing to dedicate major time and energy to the work of the WSI, work together meditatively to provide focus, overall direction, planning and decision-making for our annual international, intergroup Conclave. All members are long-term students of the Ageless Wisdom and have in-depth meditation and intergroup service experience.


Tom Carney,

Arcana Workshops,

Los Angeles, CA


Fernando Cortese

Saint Paul Group

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Gordon Davidson,

The Center for Visionary Leadership,

San Rafael, CA


Joleen DuBois

White Mountain Educational Association

Prescott, Arizona


Helen Frankland,

International Network for Energy Healing,

Emsworth, UK


Corinne McLaughlin,

The Center for Visionary Leadership,

San Rafael, CA


Lisbeth Moberg

The Synthesis Group

Malmo, Sweden


Anne Birgitte Mullins

Esoteric Forum Northern Jutland

Aalborg, Denmark


Estela Tutanovksy

Litoral Group

Santa Fe, Argentina


Ginger Young

The Center for Visionary Leadership

Scottsdale, Arizona



International Communications Council:


The International Communications Council helps meditatively hold an energy field of integrity for the WSI throughout the year, and serves as a wisdom council for the Steering Group and the overall work of organizing our annual Conclave. It advises the Steering Group prior to theConclave meeting, and offers input on major issues throughout the year.


Natalya Andriyevska

Ankh Spiritual Development

Kiev, Ukraine


Tania Araujo

Fundacao Cultural Avatar

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Mary Carney

Arcana Workshops

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Silvana Castro

Litoral Group

Santa Fe, Argentina


Bruce Davidson

Sirius Community

Shutesbury, MA, USA


Lorraine Flower

Ageless Wisdom UK

Burnham Bucks, UK


Leili Khosravi

Community of Living Ethics

Citta de la Pieve, Italy


Liana Martins


Brasilia, Brasil


Joan Michie

New Fusion Group

Washington, DC, USA


Trisha Porter

Light Workers Service Group

Naples, Florida, USA


Ursula Raab

Community of Living Ethics

Citta de la Pieve, Italy


Elisabetta Raspini

Community of Living Ethics

Citta de la Pieve, Italy


Agens Revenu

The Alliance Group

Ottawa, Canada







The Steering Group               The International Communications Council