Crisis Meditation Service

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The following meditation is for use during any world crisis situation. This meditation will take about 7 minutes. It can be done several times a day, but one should be aware of the level of stimulation within one’s own equipment. Too frequent use of this meditation can overstimulate the server.

  1. Alignment

  Use any process that will align you with your own soul and then with a group of like minded co-workers. (It is best if this group includes at least three people who you know are also working on the particular crisis.) This should be done rapidly and with confidence.

  2.  Focus

  Name the crisis. Do this in whatever way seems appropriate to you. (The test is that if you used your name for the crisis to another person he/she would know what you were talking about.)
  3. Link with the Ashram and then the Christ

  Use any process to accomplish this linkage that works for you
  4. Link with Shamballa or Purpose

  Meditate on the Purpose which is trying to unfold within the crisis.

  Holding the alignment between your brain and Purpose stand receptive to the Purpose which is trying to emerge through the crisis situation. Spend at least 5 minutes at this point of silence.
  5. Distribution/Empowerment

  Hold the Purpose as abstract energy. Do not try to formulate it.

  See the energy of the truth as power, love and light flowing into those agents of the NGWS who are presently engaged in the work of manifesting the purpose in the given situation. Use whatever visualization works for you in this process. You do not have to know these workers. We assume that members of the NGWS are involved in the struggle. We are energizing those who know the details of the situation with the power, love and light of Purpose.

  Close with the last stanza of the Great Invocation with emphasis on the lines

  "Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."