An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- Africa

  • Nigerian Group for Goodwill, Port Harcourt, Nigeria



The Nigerian Group For Goodwill

P. O. Box 10838

Benin City. Edo State


Email: [email protected]



The main drive for the establishment of Units of Service in Nigeria is to co-operate with the service activities of Lucis Trust following the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of the Tibetan and Alice A. Bailey. This collaboration takes many forms and includes the following activities:


  • Full Moon Meditation meetings on a regular basis

  • Seminars and workshops on the Problems of Humanity with a view to evolving practical ideas towards their understanding and solution. Key national, regional and world issues are also handled.

  • Distribution of World Goodwill literature on the Externalisation of the Hierarchy, the Reappearance of the Christ, Shamballa, New Group of World Servers, Full Moon Meditation Meetings, Great Invocation, other mantras, Education in the New Age, etc.,

  • Use and promotion of the Great Invocation by reprinting and distributing GI cards and bookmarks to the public,

  • Weekly Meditation for Re-directing Money into Hierarchical Work,

  • Maintaining of functional lending and reading libraries,

  • Broadcasting of spiritual materials and information such as the GI,

  • Participation in radio programmes for public spiritual enlightenment,

  • Active humanitarian work such as visiting and presenting gifts to orphanages, old peoples’ homes and participation in healing work,

  • Participation in the activities of the Nigerian Group for Goodwill, a national group established after the visit of Jan and Steve Nation to Nigeria in 1990. These activities usually include:

  • National seminars and workshops during the Higher Interludes including the World Invocation Days and the Lower Interludes.

  • Publication and distribution of “Relationship” magazine periodically.

  • Participation in Interfaith Seminars and Workshops in the country.

  • Envisioned and prospective project for the future: Establishment of an Educational Centre somewhere in Southern Nigeria.




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