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  • Path Centre, Victoria, Australia

  • The Triangle Center, Paekakariki, New Zealand


New Zealand


Path Centre, Victoria, Australia



The PATH Centre offers personal and spiritual guidance, counselling and training for people who wish to experience their spiritual nature and develop a relationship with God.


We prepare sincere seekers to experience the full blossoming of their spiritual life by offering programs that reveal the enlightened state of the Self. Our activities can also help identify a person's unique soul gifts and destiny.


In this approach each person's spiritual path is regarded as unique and so our guiding philosophy is universal and inclusive in its acceptance of different approaches. Whether you follow a mainstream religion, esoteric tradition, a yoga path or are yet to begin your spiritual journey you may still benefit from the individual sessions and group programs.


The disciplines used in this work include spiritual Psychology, Astrology, Teaching and Healing, hence our name the PATH Centre. These services are offered through counselling, readings, workshop programs and publications and are among some of the most transformative programs available today.


Nowadays, we find ourselves in a world which appears to be in meltdown. Life is speeding up and stress has become a telling factor in most of our lives. Therefore, it is critical that genuine seekers have access to programs that can offer a spiritual focus and empower them to make a contribution to life in a practical and grounded way.


Courses offered include:

• Awakening Process

• The Ascended Masters

• Esoteric Psychology

• The Grail tradition (Lesser & Greater mysteries)

• Your Soul’s Purpose


Group members attend the Path Training group where the focus is on awakening processes, developing group members gifts so they can use them in service to the community & linking with the Great White Brotherhood through impression and other higher means.



Triangle Centre

PO Box 25, Paekakariki,

New Zealand

Tel:644 292-7181

Contacts: Lani Murphy [email protected] and Heather Turner: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]



The Triangle Centre is a small group based in Paekakariki, a seaside village, 45 km out of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. Since 1975 the group has offered a range of service activities inspired by the vision of the spiritual potential of humanity. Monthly festival meditation meetings for world service are held at the Centre's offices in Paekakariki, and are open to the public. During the period of the new moon, meetings are held for meditation and discussion of global issues. A lending library of around 1,500 titles of books on the ageless wisdom is available for residents in the area. The Triangle Centre distributes books by Alice Bailey, the Agni Yoga teachings, T. Saraydarian, and a number of other titles to bookshops and individuals throughout New Zealand. We promote the Triangles project for meditation as a service to humanity. The Centre puts a focus on International Forgiveness Week and Culture of Peace Week with special gatherings and workshops. In September 2001, a ceremony was held to plant a Peace Pole.


The Triangle Centre co-ordinates an annual nation-wide New Zealand Vigil for the Festival of Goodwill on World Invocation Day. Co-workers and groups from around New Zealand co-operate to ensure that the Great Invocation is sounded by people in different parts of the country every fifteen minutes during the 24 hours of World Invocation Day (Gemini full moon).




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