An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- Canada

  • Alliance Group, Ottawa, Canada

  • Center for Esoteric Studies, Ontario, Canada

  • Healing from the Soul Group, Montreal, Canada

  • IDEAL: Institute for the Development of Education, Arts & Leisure,  B.C., Canada

  • Institute for Personal Development, Quebec, Canada


WSI- Canada Group Descriptions

Group name: The Alliance Group

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Contact: Agnès Revenu, [email protected]

Tel. (1 for Canada) 613-692-1625


The Alliance Group emerged in 2010 from a desire, among a group of friends, to meditate together. The purpose of our group is to connect, through meditation and visualisations, with both the Divine feminine and masculine energies.  Our intention is to develop our receptivity and intuition through meditation, and let intuition guide our service in the inner and outer planes on an ongoing basis.


We feel a deep and natural connection with the Mother of the World. At the same time, we reflect on, and endeavour to integrate in our hearts and minds, the aspects of the Ageless Wisdom teachings that we feel may facilitate the shift from the Old to the New, at this particular moment of our personal and collective evolution.


To bring into manifestation our spiritual values, our meditation gatherings also offer the opportunity to nurture and celebrate each other’s specificity, as well as to provide support to one another.



Center for Esoteric Studies

E-mail: [email protected]




Lighting the Way to Soul-filled Living


The Centre for Esoteric Studies is a charitable educational organization whose mission is to foster the practical application of deep spiritual understanding in everyday life.


  • This is nurtured through:

  • Greater Self-Awareness

  • Cultivating a meditative attitude

  • Development and use of the mind

  • Self-discovery


The Centre for Esoteric Studies engages the mind, promotes understanding of the emotions, and cultivates a healthy approach to life.


Progressive training in living in greater consciousness is offered through meditations, lectures, workshops as well as long-term courses.


Core to the teachings are Eastern and Western spiritual heritages with references to books by Alice A. Bailey and Helena Blavatsky, Native American spiritual practices and Astrology.




Healing from the Soul Group

Contact Person: Suzanne Laverdure

Email: [email protected]



Through group work, we seek to develop and facilitate the raising of consciousness, within our group and with those who come for the service we offer.


Healing group

This group is composed of a dozen of active practitioners of Esoteric healing, who, for the most part, have taken the training of the International Network of Esoteric Healing.


We meet every week, on Thursday night, to study, and do healing work with patients. We are giving a part of the training of the INEH in French and English, with the assistance of teachers of the INEH in US.


Full moon meditation

We have monthly Full moon meditations and do a biweekly work of dissipation of glamours.  Twice a year, we organize intergroup meetings with theosophists and AAB students, on a theme related to the building of the antahkarana.


Intergroup meetings

Since 1989, the group has been participating in intergroup meetings with people from France, Québec, and for past five years, it has met with people from Québec, and Ontario in Canada.


In these meetings, we study a theme taken from one of the Tibetan’s books, and practice meditations related to those themes. These meetings are usually held over a period of 4 days, once or twice every year, in the country.




Institute for the Development of Education, Arts & Leisure (I.D.E.A.L. Society)

Contact person:AmyKraft; 406-546-6922

Email: [email protected]



It all began in 1993 when Dr. Natacha Kolesar, the founder of I.D.E.A.L. Society, launched an educational project with a group of parents including teachers, artists, health-care workers, musicians and other professionals. Together, they developed programs and activities that encompass many branches of education.  In 1996, I.D.E.A.L. Society was incorporated as a not-for-profit Society under the provincial law of British Columbia, Canada, and six years later, IDEAL-SPRING International Foundation, a United States 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation, was created to promote and fund IDEAL ’s activities.  In July, 2004, I.D.E.A.L. was designated as a Non-Governmental Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic Council of the United Nations.  In 2005, I.D.E.A.L. was accepted as an NGO in association with the Department of Public Information of the U.N.


The goals of I.D.E.A.L. Society are:


  • Communicate a vision of humanity as one family

  • Foster moral, social and aesthetic values through educational programs, artistic, leisure and travel activities

  • Establish local, regional, national and international prenatal and perinatal educational programs, birth centres and youth centres

  • Initiate local, regional, national and international seminars, artistic musical and cross cultural activities

  • Develop a way of life that embraces the laws of nature and respects the earth as a living organism


I.D.E.A.L. Society offers a wide range of knowledge in the fields of self-development and human behavior, the arts, natural health, organic gardening, educational travel and leisure activities.

Due to the success of our programs, I.D.E.A.L. Society intends to share its experience, especially in prenatal education, with other educational organizations such as public and private schools, universities, alternative schools and independent youth and adult education facilities.



Institute for Personal Development

Tel: (450) 242-1961

Contact: Annie Marquier, Director

Email: [email protected]

Web site:


The Institut du Développement de la Personne (Institute for Personal Development) was founded in 1983 by its current director and main teacher, Annie Marquier. The Institute offers workshops, training sessions, conferences and special events in the field of personal and spiritual development.


The main goal of the program is to allow people to deepen their experience of Soul consciousness, both as an inner reality and as the source from which to create a new world on the physical plane. The focus of the inner work being presented is placed on a deep understanding and healing of the complex mechanisms of the personality, leading step by step to its mastery in the light of the Soul. This gives the Soul a clear, strong and fully receptive instrument, and generates the ability to live and act naturally by the will, love and wisdom of the Higher Self.


The essence of what is taught at the Institute stems from Master Djwal Khul's teachings, as presented in Alice Bailey’s books and other related teachings of the ageless wisdom. The program, which was adapted to reflect the reality of the current challenges of our world, includes various practical approaches and methods of transpersonal psychology, presented in an experiential way. As a practical synthesis of psychology and spirituality, it leads directly to efficient action. Building on a strong philosophical context, which has been expanded to serve as a springboard to further exploration, the experience offered allows each person to bring the reality of the Soul, along with its manifestations of Love and service, into the daily unfolding of his or her life.


The program is offered all year around (both in French and English), mainly through week-end workshops, in a beautiful setting in the rolling hills of the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Lodging is provided on site with vegetarian meals. An exchange program allows people to join the regular staff for a certain amount of time according to their availability, and to benefit from the workshops and teachings while enjoying the beautiful mountain landscape.