An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- Central/South America

  • Avatar Cultural Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

  • Bolivian Unit of Service, Cochabamba, Bolivia

  • Centro Caraívas, Pirenópolis, Goiás, Brazil

  • Crystal Nucleus, Brasilia, Brazil

  • CUMES Urusvati Center for Meditation, Study and Service,Brasilia, Brasil

  • Grupo Logos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • House of the Pax Culture, Santa Fe, Argentina

  • Kwan Yin Group, Sao Paulo, Brasil

  • Litoral Group, Santa Fe, Argentina

  • New Thought Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela

  • Psychosynthesis Center, Sao Paulo, Brasil

  • Saint Paul Group, Sao Paulo, Brasil

  • Spiritual Culture Foundation -University of Light, Belo Horizonte, Brasil

  • Synthesis in Aquarius, Tijuana, Mexico

  • Urusvati House, Sao Paulo, Brasil




South America

WSI- Central/South America Group Descriptions

Avatar Cultural Foundation

Contact: Maria Elisa Treiger

Email: [email protected]


Our work is organized as follows:

A. As a Center of Light, we offer

    1) two year long courses: * Light of the Soul, through which we have been preparing a group of 20 teachers,

        now in the 3rd.year and * Inner Life - a group studying Agni Yoga writings.

    2) Between 3 to 8 other courses of 8-12 lectures. Some of  the titles:

        * We and the Aquarian Age      * Discipleship in the New Era (from the disciple to the Master        * Intuition in Labor, etc.

B. As a Center of Living Ethics

    * We invite people of other organizations for interviews and lecturing

    * We participate of the city community and philanthropic activities

    * 2 workshops and a seminar are held every year.

C. As a Center of Art and Beauty

    * Monthly concerts

    * Curators of over 500 paintings of Vladimir Boregar which are being catalogued and cared for. Hundreds of other drawings and          

      photograph being now catalogued.

D. As a Center of Meditation:

    We hold daily meditations, at noon every Sunday, Thursday, and full moon meditations, also including the Reappearance of the Christ on    

    Thursdays and reorientation of money for Hierarchical aims.

E. As a Center of Service

    Books being issued: Supermundane II; Some tomes of Helena Roerich's Letters; 2nd. tome of Esoteric Healing; * Discipleship in the New

    Era I and II and New issue of Education in the New Era

F. As a Center of Goodwill and education we issue:

    * A quarterly magazine

    * The Bulletin of Goodwill Newsletter (now 1500 copies)

Bolivian Unit of Service

Email: [email protected]


The Bolivian Unit of Service is a cooperating group with various members working with their own groups, providing a spiritual orientation and meditation training based on the books of the Master D.K, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and others.


As an inner group, we work together with public monthly full moon celebrations, plus monthly mail contacts to people in the main cities in Bolivia, sending them spiritual articles and full moon information. We also offer public seminars to specific groups such as Masons, Rotary clubs, army officers, etc.


As individuals, each of us works according to his or her capacities.  One member is publishing a spiritual magazine and uniting groups of different tendencies, another writes articles for the newspaper on living values and she will soon have a TV program. Other members, including a psychologist and a university teacher, give lectures to different  groups; another writes letters to certain politicians,  inspired  by  Master D.K.'s books and is also  in charge of the economic part of our service group. Another member is a Mason's wife, and she works with their wives teaching them spiritual truths, and another member who is a  Master Mason is trying to help them change their focus into a more  spiritual and profound approach. Another member gives talks to different groups, writes spiritual articles and leads spiritual groups in her home, where different groups come to study and to meditate.


Centro Caraivas, Pirenópolis, Goiás, Brazil

Contact Person: Jeanne Marie White

Email: [email protected]

Website:  or centrocaraí


Centro Caraívas has been built and established since 2004, in a 30 acre natural reserve, in the APA dos Pireneus (Environmental Protection Area of the Pireneus Range), in Pirenópolis, Goiás, Brazil. The purpose of Centro Caraívas is to educate people, who visit our center and participate in our programs, on Universal Laws and Principles, which will bring about a more conscious, evolved and careful civilization.


Objectives: To propose, incite, support, and implement educational, artistic and cultural activities that contribute to an Integral Education – an education that promotes ethical principals of respect and understanding according to the concepts of Deep Ecology  (considering a personal, social and environmental approach).


Activities: Centro Caraívas offers a space for Group Meditations, Resting, Retreats, Therapies, Workshops, Conferences, Courses, Researches, Publishing, and Networking, on subjects such as: Self-awareness and Healing (body-emotion-mind and spirit), Ethical Social Awareness, Environmental Education, Environmental Protection and Reforestation, Sustainability, Monetary Awareness and Use, and Community Work and Engagement.  


Crystal Nucleus, Brasilia, Brazil

Contact: Rita Felicetti [email protected]


Originating from other groups, spiritual seekers, under encouragement and guidance of Dr. Jaime Treiger, Avatar Cultural Foundation in 1995 constituted a group of studies and service. Later, in 1996, the group began to promote meditation, especially Meditation Full Moon, at the Centro Cultural de Brasilia and work actively in lectures and seminars, always attended by his mentor, even when the organization Conclave of WSI in Brasilia in 2004. In this opportunity, the need was felt for a name for the group and thus was born the Crystal Nucleus Studies and Meditation Service.


The Crystal, a generous gift of nature in the Central Plateau region where Brasília, our federal capital was built, gave its name to the Nucleus and as this mineral, seeks to develop in each, the ability to manifest in the physical energy of pure love and light for the benefit of mankind.


For wider dissemination of the teachings of the Masters and cooperation expansion of human consciousness, the group maintains Agenda Cultural Philosophical a website for all those who seek truth and self-knowledge. It aims to assist in the dissemination of the teachings of the Masters, his works, The Great Invocation, the work of the triangles and the experience of right human relations. Philosophical Agenda also discloses the seminars and meditations that promotes the group itself and other related, beyond the weekly meetings of studies of the works of Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Helena Roerich and others.


CUMES Urusvati Center for Meditation, Study and Service

Contact person: CILÚLIA MAURY

Email: [email protected]


Our purpose is to colaborate for the Reappearance of the Christ and the Externalization of Hierarchy, becoming a really group of new servers, as teaching by Master DK.


Activities: two weekly mettings, for study and meditations;  Full Moon Meditations; public speechs and courses, according with schedule or due some invitation; co-work with some Avatar Foundation activities.


Grupo Logos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact Persons: Sebastián Iglesias, Ángel Reinhardt, José Gagliano


We study and share Esoteric teachings of Teachers as classroom and online. One of our goals is to weave various esoteric authors recognized, east and west, in order to obtain increasing synthesis between them, which is to be achieved, thus understood, is one of the purposes of the Planetary Hierarchy: Reach more and more souls with the Eternal Wisdom.


We read in the book Externalization of the Hierarchy of AAB, the Tibetan informs us of the creation of the Synthesis Ashram and we see how WSI is working perfectly with him.


We have helped organizing conferences, radio broadcasting and workshops with esoteric exponents that  visited our country. This was of benefit to hundreds of people and we have the cooperation of many brothers of our vast range of contacts.


House of the Pax Culture, Santa Fe, Argentina

Contact: Estela Tustanovsky

Email: [email protected] 


Purpose: to spread the foundation for a Culture of Peace from the scientific point of view: non-violent means of conflict resolution, nonviolent communication and consensus building.


The “House of the Pax Culture” was born in the frame of Litoral Group and shares its objectives.


Kwan Yin Group, Sao Paulo, Brasil

E-mail: [email protected]


The Kwan Yin group promotes full moon meditations, and the exchange of healing and meditation techniques. We also have being studying the teachings of Master DK and Master el Morya, and are opened to study and share whatever brings more consciousness, awareness and love to ourselves and to the world.


Our main belief is that in essence and beyond duality everyone is love, and that by sharing our experiences, studying and meditating together and in alignment with other groups with similar purpose we can improve our consciousness and service to the world.


Litoral Group, Santa Fe, Argentina

Contact: Marta Paillet

E-mail: [email protected]


New Thought Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela

E-mail: [email protected]



The New Thought Foundation group was founded in 1987, and today we are an international group with members in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Cuba, United States (Miami), Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador. We offer the community conferences, seminars, workshops and courses in which the acknowledgement of the divine nature in each human being is highlighted as a fundamental step for a new way of life.


Our studies proclaim that humanity has One Soul in which every human being is a part, and it promotes  the development of planetary consciousness. We have been sending a newsletter called “Carta a los Grupos” (in Spanish) every month since 1987. To receive it please contact us at the email above.


Principal Objectives

    * To propagate freely the New Thought as an alternative way of life, where the recognition of the Soul is fundamental.

    * To reinforce the good wherever it is found, promoting the common issues in different humanistic lines of endeavor.

    * To promote and support the movements defending Mother Earth.

    * To foster the development of the planetary consciousness.

    * To work for the manifestation of the true spiritual hierarchy in the world.


Radio Program: We have in Venezuela, since 1998, a weekly radio program every Sunday from 8:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. called “The Intelligent Universe” where we give the Teachings in a very simple manner to promote and enlighten daily life. The last ten minutes are dedicated to meditation using visualization.


Psychosynthesis Center of Sao Paulo – Brasil

Contact: Andrée Samuel / Luizete Camargo

E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] 



Psychosynthesis is an approach to human development initiated by Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974) beginning around 1910 and continuing to the present day. The “Centro de Psicossíntese de São Paulo” (CPSP) was founded in 1999. We are a group of  psychotherapists, medical doctors, and art teacher.  


Our main activities are: to lead workshops of self development and expansion of consciouness; to organize courses on various themes, as for instance “Unconditiontal love and forgiveness”, “The Will”, and others; to teach a 3 years training course on Psychosynthesis, including the use of meditation. We regularly invite people from other organization for lecturing. We also participate of the local community and philanthropic activities.


Since 2007, the CPSP participate in the worldwide activity of meditation. We created a Group of Creative Meditation ‘To Build without Hands.” This group holds weekly meetings for the study of the teaching of The Tibetan Master and for meditation about the Laws and Principles. We organize studies of Alice Bailey´s books; studies of the Laws and Principles; daily meditation in group at distance.


We also offer workshops, based on Psychosynthesis, to introduce people in the study of meditation practice and to help promoting the Laws and Principles into all areas of our society – education, business, art, religion, health, etc.


There is a long tradition of meditation activities in the Psychosynthesis “school”: Roberto Assagioli did work with Alice Bailey and he coordinated in Europe and USA the team which prepared the “Meditation Group for the New Age”. This set of brochures is now distributed by “Meditation Group, Inc.”


Saint Paul Group, São Paulo, Brazil

Contact person :  Fernando Cortese

E-mail  :  [email protected]


We are a group of therapists, mostly psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who work into a method called Calatonia and Psychophysiological Integration. This approach in therapy was devised by a Hungarian physician and psychologist, Dr Pethö Sándor Md. He was also a great astrologist and for decades a diligent studious of esoteric philosophy, mostly the teachings of Master DK (Alice Bailey) and Master El Morya (Agni Yoga - Helena Roerich). Our group learned with him to read these texts and to practice the Full Moon Meditation, which we have done since 1988.


Our group continues to study these teachings and does the full moon meditation monthly, and other meditations, as one based on the Seven Rays. We apply this philosophy in our work as therapists and teachers. We also work together with institutions that do social works towards the enormous social need we have in our country.


We believe in group enterprises looking for an increase of consciousness to serve the demands of our transformation times. This moment is very important for the Hierarchy, the Plan and the Christic Energy on Earth.


Spiritual Culture Foundation (FCE- Universidade da Luz), Belo Horizonte, Brasil

Contact persons: Alessandra Menezes – [email protected] or Beatriz Marques – [email protected]

General E-mail: [email protected]



Our work is composed of:

a.      As a Center of Meditation:

        • We hold meditations every Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and exact time full moon meditations, also including the    

           Preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ, Attracting Money for Hierarchical purposes and Meditation to Stimulate Goodwill.

b.     As a Center of Living Ethics:

       • We stimulate Right Human Relations.

       • We invite people from other organizations for interviews and lecturing.

       • We participate of the local community and philanthropic activities.

c.      As a Center of Light, we offer:  

       • Monthly lectures on themes from Alice Bailey´s Books

       • Advanced studies on Alice Bailey´s Books on Thursdays and Sundays;

       • Studies on Alice Bailey´s Books for beginners on Wednesdays;

       • Studies on Esoteric Healing;

       • Several courses on various themes such as:

           1) Esoteric Healing (one week course – given by Nicole Resciniti – a teacher who comes from Australia once a year since 2009;

           2) Reiki techniques.

d.     As a Center of Health

       • Medical and psychological assistance;

       • Acupuncture sessions;

       • Massage, flower essences therapies;

       • Esoteric Healing sessions;

       • Reiki sessions.


Synthesis in Aquarius, Tijuana, Mexico

Email:    [email protected]


The meditation group Sintesis en Acuario (SEA), located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, was recently formed by a group of people who had studied the books of the Tibetan many years ago. We realized the need to help others with this material, so we decided to give formal activity to the group with the following purpose:

  • Gathering people for a common cause, to contribute to the upliftment of humanity through the study of the books of the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul, through Alice A. Bailey, and the Ageless Wisdom.

  • Study and teach others the science of meditation.

  • Daily group meditation in the mornings.

  • Full moon meditations open to anyone interested, at a local hotel in town.

  • Help distribute Meditation Mount’s Spanish meditation courses to Latin America.


Urusvati House, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Email: [email protected]