An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- Eastern Europe

  • Ankh Spiritual Development Foundation, Kiev, Ukraine

  • Centre Eurasia, Odessa, Ukraine

  • Esoteric  Enlightenment  Center, Lviv, Ukraine

  • Khortitske Society of Humanitarian Development, Zaporozhie, Ukraine

  • School of Ageless Wisdom, Zhytomir, Ukraine




Ankh Spiritual Development Foundation

Public Library of Theosophical Literature

7-a, Zhylianska Str., of. 3

01033, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel./fax: (+38 044) 287 1071

E-mail: [email protected]



The sign ANK - an Egyptian cross, the sign of life.


  • The main activity -  public library of theosophical literature. We work since 1996.

  • Spreading the knowledge about theosophy, astrology, ageless wisdom. Studying the writings of E.P.BLAVATSKY, A.A.Bailey, Agni-Yoga, syntheses of the teachings of East and West.

  • Keeping the relationship with theosophical groups and organisations throughout the world.

  • Meditative work for the support of the New Group of World Servers.

  • Representation in Ukraine of the Institute for Planetary Syntheses

  • The Organisation of the international Forum "Ways of the spiritual development of person and society".




Centre Eurasia

Contact: [email protected]


Our group is called "Centre EurAsia". It's active 10 years  the main goals and directions of each is development of man and society, building the civil society in Ukraine, international civil society.


The main programs are:

The Annual International Festival "Pedagog of the XXI century" (the main team is "The Education in New Age") in Odessa in 1-15 of August;

Constantly-acting school of spiritual health ;

The actual problems of the Centre are:


  • Assistance and participation in development concept Civil Society and International Civil Community;

  • Making the conditions for constructive cooperation state and NGO in process of the development and realization of the Project of the development GO (hereinafter - a Project);

  • Development of the mechanism to realization of the Project;

  • Searching for partner in the other city and region of the country, as well as in the other country;

  • Development regional and international relationships assisting activity of the Centre;

  • Study of the experience construction democratic society in the other country;

  • Making the general databank of the social significant programs and project on Odessa region, directed on development of the public relations and society as a whole;

  • Shaping the system local and public home rule (SIOS) by means of making the network town and village centre of the assistance Project in Odessa region;

  • Assistance to creation and organizations of the development Centre functioning GO in the other region;

  • Undertaking action on shaping beside inhabitants of the active civil position;

  • Shaping the system of the unceasing civil formation (SNEO);

  • Creation to network Public university civil culture and Schools of the public home rule.

  • Making the Regional Complex of the development Civil Society "Oasis" (model of the community).




Esoteric  Enlightenment  Center

61, V.velykogo Street, of. 61

79053, Lviv, Ukraine

Email: [email protected]

English Website:


Our activity consists of:

  • Enlightenment activity (lectures, seminars, conferences).

  • Translation activity (realization of translations in Ukrainian esoteric heritage of humanity; translation of  Alice Bailey's and D.Krishnamurti's books into Ukrainian).

  • Scientific research activity which is directed on creation of synthesis of science, religion and philosophy.

  • Full moon meditations.



Khortitske Society of Humanitarian Development

Tel: +380506138781 – Nina Bazhenova


Contact: Denis Kyrychenko

Email: [email protected]



KHDS was established in February of 1991. KHDS consists of people working in different fields. We aspire to living corresponding to higher principles of existence and group work, which have been described by the Tibetan Master, through learning laws of timeless wisdom and using them in everyday life, through the evolution of human receptivity and consciousness seeing ourselves as a part of a single whole. KHDS’s main work directions are following:

  • Education: distribution of the teaching of the timeless wisdom among all interested people by organization weekly lectures and full moon meditations. The purpose of the lectures is to strengthen a man in formation of philosophical world outlook, to allow the harmonious development in spiritual direction, to reconcile different religious views.

  • Health school: theoretical and practical lessons for different levels, for every kind of person willing to take part; it’s a way of self-perfection, control our energy, thoughts, feelings, actions.

  • Meditation work: weekly meeting for group meditation, full moon meditation for every one involved who is learning at the school or willing to take part in such service.

  • Meditation school: it was organized for the purpose of cognition of internal structure of human nature and nature of soul, acquire knowledge about philosophical bases and different ways of meditation.

  • Research activity: experiments on in-depth study of the occult nature of human soul and its constitution, learning various kinds of symbolism (especially symbolism of number). Learning of the influence of ritual on the human nature.  

  • Cooperative work: collaboration with other groups through sharing experience, organizing joint meetings and conferences.

  • Creative work: embodiment and realization of teaching of the timeless wisdom with spiritual painting and literature, photographs, musical compositions.



School of Ageless Wisdom

Contact: Nataliya Davydova

Email: [email protected]



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