An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- Scandinavia

  • Bjare Culture and Meditation Center, Bastad, Sweden

  • Center for Esoteric Astrology, Aarhus, Denmark

  • Center for the Inner Dimensions of Life, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Golden Circle, Denmark

  • GRO Group, Lejre, Denmark

  • Kentaur Training and Publishing, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • One Earth, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Mandala Group, Malmo, Sweden

  • School of the Esoteric Way, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Sophia's Rose, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Sun in the Earth Group, Vaxjo, Sweden

  • Soul Therapy, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Theosophical Association, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Transformation Now, Copenhagen, Denmark


WSI- Scandinavia Group Descriptions

Bjare Culture and Meditation Center, Bastad, Sweden

E-mail: [email protected]; Website:


  The center was founded in 1994 and has the motto "Inner peace for international peace". The center is dedicated to the exploration of the laws of right human relations and to discovering and recognizing the use of goodwill in creating these. The center invites people in the area to full moon meditations and offers a 3-4 year individualized training programme for would-be-trainers in conflict resolution and meditation. The center is developing programmes for researching the application of conflict resolution in different areas:

  • Man - woman- relationships

  • Parents - children

  • Teachers - students

  • Leaders - followers

  The programmes are for people active in politics and social organisation and within each individual. They include experimentation with and exploration of the consequences of taking into consideration the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies in relationships.


Center for Esoteric Astrology, Aarhus, Denmark

Contact:Holger Stavnsbjerg

Email:[email protected]; Website:


The Group Purpose of Center for Esoteric Astrology is through teachings, lectures, workshops, publications and conferences to spread the knowledge of esoteric and orthodox astrology including esoteric philosophy, psychology and healing all over the World.


Center of the Inner Dimensions of Life, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: +45 33 21 76 20  

Email: [email protected]  

Web Address: 


CLID's intention is to work to bring man's inner light forward and in this way contribute to manifesting the light of humanity, by:


•offering public meditations,

•provide teaching and processes, providing a personalized experience and the acquisition of spiritual theories and spiritual development,

•to provide an experience of group work many opportunities,

•create a quiet, but dynamic space for inner contemplation and inward processing,

•contribute to the network that has the same endeavor, so together we can contribute to the emergence of light on Earth.



The Golden Circle, Denmark

Contact person: TBA

Email: [email protected]



The Golden Circle is a non-profit spiritual federation situated in a 1000 m2 spiritual centre in the countryside 50 km from Copenhagen, Denmark. Its main spiritual teacher is Asger Lorentsen, (PHDE in esotericism and B.A. in religion and history) who is known in Denmark for a number of spiritual books.  The main work of the Golden Circle is:

  • To provide spiritual education to world servers. Around 200 students in Denmark and 100 students in other Scandinavian countries follow educations of 3 – 8 prolonged weekends a year. A branch of the Golden Circle provides video-teachings of up to 28 weekends via web-class. See

  • To transmit specific vibrations from the spiritual kingdom via subjective work. Every Sunday 12 o´clock in average 40 people meet and work with simple invocations, affirmations and evocations and just as many join via web-radio. One of the consequences of this work is the establishing of a lighttemple in Crete, see

  • To experiment with bringing the ageless wisdom and the esoteric teachings into a 21st century situation of new world impulses.  A few of these experiments are described below:


1.  Experiences on transformation and integration via the alchemy of the heart: It is found very rewarding to address the main blockages of the heart center and of the alignment with the spiritual kingdom. Such blockages include sorrow, loneliness, deep-seated pain, fear of the world, despair and the will to live a safe life based on separation and own will. All such hidden energies and mechanisms are treasures which deepen and individualize the human, and which can be addressed by precise techniques of divine alchemy, when they have fulfilled their divine purposes for the individual.

2.  Experiences on vitalizing by the Heart of the Sun: The solar flows of resurrection and sacred fire seem to start earlier than before in the spiritual evolution on Earth: I great increasing can start when approaching the 2nd initiation if the motivation is world service. World-service is activated by integration in the planetary process of awakening the spirit of brother-sisterhood

3.  Experiences on integration of new world-impulses: Living spirit is activated to the degree in which we accept our gradual integration in the synthesis of spirit and matter and share the planetary drive towards sacredness and the long-term goal of becoming an interplanetary power-station for the combined qualities of active intelligence and sharing love.



Gro Group, Denmark

Contact person : Steinunn Helga Sigurðardóttir.

Tel and email info: 004526116711/ [email protected]


From the beginning the idea of manifesting a network has been essential for GRO. With this background GRO has a definite contribution to make to WSI, as a large international group-network.


GRO consists of a team of people with different professional backgrounds and experience, with the common goal to initiate GRO, because we believe that a more innovative way of working with people, organisations and ecology is possible. GRO works purposefully towards enabling visionary, entrepreneural projects to use GRO as a starting point.


GRO is to be seen as a growth platform, which over time will include a number of different project initiatives, which all have as their main purpose to assist people to grow, in a human and in a professional way. This includes on the inner and the outer levels in a unified whole. It is a place where both what you eat, create and learn make sense and create coherence.


GRO aims to become a meeting place for people in an ecological, cultural and esoteric sense.


GRO includes new and full moon meditations, as well as other approaches to meditation. Every day starts with a meditation for all the working members of GRO, and meditation is a part of all teaching happening at GRO.


In order to achieve this goal, two important elements/foundational pillars contribute in creating a fundament for GRO. The first element is to create a learning focus, which will come together under the name GRO academy. The second one is an ecological entrepreneural part, called GRO business.


The two elements/pillars will support and complement each other within several areas, particularly on the educational level. But the essence is that the two elements are linked and help people grow and develop, professionally, personally and as a group.


GRO is based at Hvalsø Station in Lejre, in the middle of Sjælland – where the highest and the lowest meet.



Kentaur Training and Publishing, Copenhagen, Denmark  

Contact: Kenneth Sørensen; E-mail: [email protected]

Websites: and

Phone: +45 2513 0502


Kentaur Training and Publishing is dedicated to bringing the esoteric and integral psychology out to the Scandinavian countries.  We work actively through the internet and our publishing activities where we translate and publish Lucille Cedercrans' books, and also any relevant books and articles related to psychosynthesis etc.  We offer also training in meditation and psychospiritual development through our various programs in Psychosynthesis and Holosynthesis.



Mandala Group, Malmo, Sweden

Contact: Lisbeth Moberg

Email: [email protected]


The mandala is a circle with a center, an image of the sacred and a gateway to the deity. It is a symbol of wholeness - All and One, eternally and simultaneously, both microcosm and macrocosm,a  hologram where every part contains the intire image.  Using the mandala is a form of meditation and can be used to experience wholeness and get guidance towards an inner centre.


Through meditiation and practical work,the purpose of the Mandala Group is to anchor the New Evolution Impulse (NEI), NEI in Sweden and distribute the energy and light through our hearts, souls, groups, networks and throughout the world to restore the Plan on Earth.



One Earth Group, Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Steinunn Helga Sigurdardóttir

Email: [email protected]



The group has during the last years been like a living organism that has changed and evolved through new inspirations and according to the group expansion through new members.


Our focus is to work together with the devas of nature. We do this mainly through meditation, healing and visualizations.Through our meditations, we build a bridge between humanity and the deva kingdoms.


We send out newsletters three times a year to our member list. We meet once a month, where we meditate together and build personal relationships between the members of the group. Every Wednesday we make a mutual meditation, where we meet at the inner planes and meditate together


We are attentive to what is happening in the world, and when we have a feeling that there is a need somewhere, we try to help i.e. through healing.

In order to have a common focus on specific areas or world events, we send a visualization to all group members, and those who feel connected to the group, so that everyone who wants to contribute to the work, has the chance to do this.

Protection and other forms of energy work related to various events are also a part of the group´s work.

School of the Esoteric Way, Stockholm, Sweden

Contact: Michael Srigley; [email protected]


School of the Esoteric Way was started in Stockholm, Sweden, in May 1987. The purpose was to create a school which would offer training in meditation and provide esoteric knowledge at a fundamental level. The School is to be regarded as an organism under development. Its form is in the nature of an experiment. There are, for example, no teachers or pupils, only participants in the courses. All are fellow-students. The School is wholly funded by voluntary contributions. All share in the development of the School.


The goal of Skolan Esoteriska Vägen is to offer a way of self-education. Through meditation and study of the laws of the spiritual world, it offers to help the seeking human being to find the tools and discover the insights he or she needs for spiritual growth and practical service. The School offers study materials which covers among other things: an orientation in esotericism, meditation, esoteric psychology, the principle of service and the study of symbols. The studies take place above all in local study- and meditation- groups. Working in groups provides an opportunity for participants to train in and practice group consciousness.


For those who because of geographical or other reasons are unable to join a study group, there is an opportunity to work individually. The studies are undertaken in continual contact with the School. Written papers by the groups are sent a group of responders who write back to them. The esoteric truths have been handed on through many traditions, teachers and methods, which meet the different needs of spiritual seekers. In the suggestions for further reading in the study material there are frequent references to the works of Alice Bailey. By referring to this source in particular to has been possible to maintain a certain consistency in the terminology used and provide a clearer focus. Participants are, however, encouraged to seek inspiration from other sources.


The School strives to offer a Way which will be instructive, enriching and enjoyable to follow. The economy of the School is based on voluntary contributions and donations - in conformity with the principle of Goodwill. Each and every person gives in accordance with his or her commitment to the work and as circumstances allow.



Sophia's Rose, Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Ella Ostermann

Email: [email protected]; Website:


Sophia’s Rose is a website meant to be food for heart and mind. The purpose of Sophia’s Rose is to promote full moon meditation and work with white magic, and to create thought forms in the light of the soul in collaboration with other groups having the same purpose.


The core of Sophia’s Rose is the full moon meditations. Each month an email with a link to a short full moon meditation, based on information about the actual astrological sign in Esoteric Astrology, is sent to people in our database:

-      Sophia’s Rose wishes to emphasize the need for rhythmical living and meditation, and we therefore also present a short meditation for daily use.

-      Sophia’s Rose is intended to be food for thought and presents myths and legends as well as articles on esoteric subjects.

-      The keywords for our work are “Energy follows thought” and “Let your inner light shine for yourself and others.”


We have some other projects during the year, all of them intended to establish rhythmical work. The purpose is to aid others in the development and expansion of consciousness to benefit humanity, people in their surroundings, the environment and themselves. Our work is primarily based on the work of Helena Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, Helena Roerich and Lucille Cedercrans.



Soul Therapy, Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Charlottte Bronsted, Mads Bronsted

Tlelephone: + 45 50 50 41 31

Email: [email protected]


Soul therapy brings the deepest layers of your being forward in consciousness – from the bottom layers of the subconscious to the inner power of divine life – through meditative techniques. This allows you to create psychological redemption and harmony.


Through visualizations and meditations you will see yourself, your deeper potentials and the causes of your challenges in the soul's light. The challenges can be expressed as traumas, complexes and projections, which are often rooted in experiences from past lives.



The Sun in the Earth

Contact: Patrik Olsson

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


The Sun in the Earth is based in Växjö Sweden but has members from the whole country. It is a group that are based more on the internet then in any specific place.


The group is meeting about two times a month to study and meditate. The main focus in the group is to present the Ageless Wisdom in a practical approach so the wisdom will become a practical tool in our daly lives. Another main focus is igniting the inner sun flame in the heart center with meditation study and service.


Full moon meditation is given free to the public over the internet. Main influences in the group is Asger Lorentsen, Alice Bailey and Agni Yoga.



Theosophical Association Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Andreas Villadsen, [email protected]


The Theosophical Association or Teosofisk Forening København,TFK was founded in 1889. Our main objectives:

  • To work for unity of mankind without regard to race, creed, gender or social standing.

  • To inspire the study of scientific and cultural trends from a esoteric viewpoint.

  • To encourage the study of nature's hidden laws and man's spiritual nature.


In TFK the dissemination of the Old Wisdom is channelled through:  

  • Weekly open lectures, Weekend courses, and Study groups.

  • Longer term schools in Teosofi and Esoteric-psychology, -philosophy, -healing, and -astrology

  • Monthly newsletters and Home page with articles and e-books

  • Monthly Full Moon Meditations and Services of Light to invoke the universe light peace and love.

  • Quarterly Earth healings

  • Through the esoteric bookstore, and a library with rare and new esoteric books


Our network is mainly through Esoteric Network - a grouping of related groups in Denmark and Scandinavia.



Transformation Now Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Soren Stagis