An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- Southern Europe

  • Banner of Peace Association, Rome, Italy

  • Centro Studi Urania, Rome, Italy

  • Community of Living Ethics, Citta’della Pieve, Italy

  • Cultural Association of Triangles and World Goodwill, Rome, Italy

  • GEM- Grupo de Estudos Maitreya, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Merry Human Life Society, Barcelona, Spain

  • Namaskar, Catania, Italy

  • Parvati Studies Center, Turin, Italy

  • Space INEH Italy, Turin, Italy

  • Sun Group, Fuengirola, Spain

  • Sunhealing Group, Fuengirola, Spain

  • Uriel Study and Research Center for the Will to Good, Collesano, Italy

  • Urusvati Research Institute, Turin, Italy



WSI- Southern Europe Group Descriptions

Banner of Peace Association, Rome, Italy

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact person: Valentina Ganz, e-mail: [email protected]



The Association “Banner of Peace”, was created in Italy in 1995, among its main purposes is to spread the idea of Culture as instrument of peace for human beings and construction of Peace through a planet-wide network of Good Will people and groups.


The ideas developed and spread by the Roerich family during the last century- and today supported by a large number of groups worldwide as the foundation for a new vision of human life- are the reference point of all initiatives promoted by the Association.


The Association promotes events, group meetings, conferences, seminars and exhibitions. All initiatives are directed to the awakening of the latent resources of individuals through the contact with the many and diversified treasures of Culture, so that their psychodynamic potential may trigger a process of expansion and transformation of  consciousness.



Centro Studi Urania, Rome, Italy

Contact: Biagio de Benedetto

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]



Urania Study Center is formed by a group of people of Rome, who attended and attend the Community of Living Ethic of Città della Pieve.

This group felt the need to turn on a light in the town of Rome, opening a space in which the group is engaged in weekly meditation  and study of Tibetan teaching  especially in Pranic Healing, Esoteric Astrology and Psychoenergetics.


Urania Study Center conducts study and research activities, application of psychic energy, focused on development and evolution of the consciousness. It promotes opportunities of moments of meeting. seminars, conferences, exhibitions, concerts for a new culture of  peace, harmony and brotherwood of the planet.


It is not for profit finality and it is open to the comparison with all the free expression of thought in the various fields of knowledge.



Community of Living Ethics, Citta’della Pieve, Italy

E-mail (english): [email protected]

E-mail (italian):  [email protected]



The Community of Living Ethics is located near Città' della Pieve, a small medieval hill town on the border of Tuscany and Umbria. It was founded in 1982 by Sergio Bartoli and a group of co-workers as a Centre for Creative Meditation. Over the years it has developed and grown through the creative and practical skills contributed by an ever increasing number of members and friends.


Programs in psycho-spiritual education have fostered the emergence of an integrated and harmonious group willing to experiment in daily life with new models intuited through meditation and inspiration.


As a result of many  years of intense and qualified group activity the Community has now become a cell of new life. All activities are vivified by the study and application of the principles of Living Ethics. This vitality is reflected in various fields: economics, education, culture and art, healing, relations with the kingdoms of nature. The Community operates as a living organism, working through several Centers - each with a specific function and purpose.


At present a large proportion of members and co-workers live locally. Others come from all over Italy and other countries. Many of them  take part as participants in the schools and/or  as collaborators in the community life. At the times of the full and new moon every month  meditation activities are held.

Study, Meditation and Service are the three cardinal points around which all Community work is based.


Various schools and training courses are offered, on themes that are central to the development of consciousness:

  • Basic schools for integration of the personality (Psychosynthesis and Psychoenergetics)

  • Psycho-spiritual courses (including: Creative Meditation, 7 Rays  Typologies, Service, Group Focalising; Esoteric Healing; Astrology)

  • In depth courses (Education, Art, Architecture, Economics,  Naturopathy).


Seminars for each of the Schools and Courses are offered during the weekends from October to June, and for one week stays in the summer.



Cultural Association of Triangles and World Goodwill, Rome, Italy

Phone&fax: +39-06-5091 7326

Email: [email protected]



The Association is an educational charity established in 1979. Since 2002 it is associated with the UN Department of Public Information. The Association participates in study group activities on philosophic and spiritual themes. Its activities have always concentrated on spreading the ideals of brotherhood, unity in diversity and responsibility for the common good.


All the activities have always been planned and conducted  by the administrative body and by its members on a voluntary basis and have been offered to the public at no charge. The Association has always been financed exclusively by the voluntary contributions of its members and supporters.


Since 1996, the Association has intensified its work in the school education field. From 1996 to 2001 jointly with the UN-endorsed University for Peace and working in Italian academic circles, significant academic objectives were reached and seminars held on the theme: the United Nations and Peace Education. This activity is presently being carried on in schools and colleges by the Association on its own basis.


As from the year 2000, a new initiative was launched intent on contributing to awake public opinion: Good News Agency, a weekly e-bulletin  published in Italian and in English, which carries news from the UN, NGOs, service associations and volunteer groups. It is sent free to 10,000 media in 54 countries, as well as 3,000 NGOs and 1,600 high schools, colleges and universities.


In February 2001, Good News Agency launched the Ethical Code of the Media, that stresses publishers’ responsibilities to give voice also to the positive events which indicate the response of humanity to the greatest problems of our time. The Code has been endorsed so far by over 140 service organizations and eminent persons in the field of culture around the world, as well as by several academic bodies and peace research institutes.



GEM- Grupo de Estudos Maitreya, Lisbon, Portugal

Email: [email protected]



GEM, Grupo de Estudos Maitreya, is based in Lisboa, Portugal. It was founded in March 1981 as GEM and later we decided for Grupo de Estudos Maitreya to stand for GEM. In June 1982, we decided to definitely approach Agni Yoga Teaching. Today, GEM is a Portuguese voluntary non-profit organization that provides training in spiritual development and selfless service. Our main goals and activities are linked to the cooperation for the reappearance of Maitreya and the externalisation of the spiritual Hierarchy, which includes the call for the service of advancing right human relations.


We are a Unit of Service of World Goodwill, member of Agni Yoga Society and member of Corona Mundi. Since 2006, we started with Psychosynthesis and Creative Meditation as a tool for individual and group preparation and group service, and we are now adjusting our lives to the Principles and Laws of the New Age.


We always supported intergroup cooperation, and we were co-founders in the past of some of these associations. Since 2006, we participate in an intergroup association of five spiritual groups in Portugal, which promotes an annual Festival of Humanity and some other events.


With a lending library, we promote different courses and meetings or study group activities in order to prepare new servers for the Common Good. We host regular meditation meetings too, such as group full moon service. Using mainly Raja Yoga techniques, our philosophical basis is rooted in the Ageless Wisdom of East and West and we prepare the approach to the fiery ground of discipleship. Our works and studies are based on the teachings of Alice A. Bailey, of Helena and Nicholas Roerich and now on Roberto Assagioli's Creative Meditation too. GEM is engaged with the distribution of documents in Portuguese language and we also publish 500 copies of the quarterly World Goodwill Newsletter.



Merry Human Life Society, Barcelona, Spain

Contact:Xavier Subirats

Email:[email protected]



Namaskar Association of Creative Meditation

Location: Catania, Italy

Contact: Mariuccia Sofia; [email protected]


“Namaskar” is a center of Creative Meditation, that was born in 2006, in Sicily (Italy), the great island of the Mediterranean Sea, in the town of Catania, from an intuition of a little group of members of Community of Living Ethics “Poggio del Fuoco” in Italy.


The Association according with the Community of Living Ethics “Serves Common Well trough the teaching of Creative Meditation and Living Ethics” and a lot of our members are frequenting the activities of “Poggio del Fuoco” in Umbria.


“Namaskar” is organized in classes with frequence of twice a month. The association, from the beginning, is formed by about 100 members. The activities for each group develop for five years. After this period of training, the older members can enter in a large group that’s studying and applying the Laws and Principles of the New Age, meeting every month following the meditation of “Poggio del Fuoco”.


There’s a specific group that monthly studies Esotheric Astrology and guides meditations for Full Moon and New Moon.


Every three years the assembly nominates the new steering group, composed by seven   members. They are calling to mantain the right relationship with the common Purpose.

The activity of "seeding" in the territory, not only in Catania, but in another towns of Sicily. Three years ago started from Namaskar, in Trapani, another group of Creative Meditation and last summer a new group was born in Messina.


Namaskar is a point of light in the great world light net and can bring in the WSI the energy of fire from the center of Mediterranean Sea, cradle of ancient culture and wisdom.



Parvati Studies Center, Turin, Italy

Contact: Sonia Belforte, Referent: Mrs Dora Scardanzan

Phone: +393403324945


Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


The Parvati Studies Centre in Turin, Italy, has been created  in 2010 for studying, researching and developing the psychic energy.

The purpose of these activities and proposals is to expand in human consciousness the interest in the knowledge for the  psychic energy as fundamental factor for  self- and Self-awareness, and to promote a conscious connection to life in all its expressions. The studying  and insights are mostly based on Alice Bailey  and Lucille Cedercrans Esoteric writings and provides training in spiritual development.


The studying, always in groups, stimulates the inner comprehension and the direct experience of each participant on the main themes and  research fields, such as:

a) CREATIVE MEDITATION: the use of thinking as  the specific faculty of the Self who wants to create a new world.

b) CONSCIENCE: nature and development of relationships (from micro to macrocosm).

c) PSYCHIC ENERGY: definition, expression branches, parameters of a vision meant to be  a tool for the human and planetary evolution.

d) PSYCHO-ENERGETIC: a new approach to the comprehension of human structure in  connection to Life and the Human Group.

e) PSYCHOSOPHY: a joyful way for achieving psychological integration.



Space INEH Italy, Turin, Italy

Email [email protected] 

Telephone: 0039 011 9313576


We are a synthesis group using INEH healing technique and DK teachings, combined with the teaching of Enzio Savoini and the work of Istituto Urusvati- Italy. Geometry in space is our work, our understanding is that geometry is the way to express inner and dynamic thinking with the group objective that is group fusion. Geometry is about ordering substance in space and in so doing, directing energy in harmonious patterns. Creating geometrical patterns in a coordinated group formation is the role of initiated humanity, that is what we call Planetary Healing.


In our work, using the Science of Triangles we are creating geometrical patterns as a ladder allowing the precipitation of ideas to prepare planetary consciousness for the New Civilization.



Sun Group, Fuengirola, Spain

Contact: Jorun Bjerkestrand

E-mail:[email protected]


We are a meditation-group consisting of 12 Scandinavian people living in Spain.


Having studied the esoteric wisdom for a number of years under the guidance of Niels and Mads Brønsted from the Center  of the inner dimensions of life( Denmark), we decided ,we wanted to  participate in sharing this knowledge.


Our work consists of daily meditations, linking up with the spirit of the group. In these meditations we are focusing to  anchor the energy of synthesis  in the south of Spain. Twice a week the meditation takes place at a fixed time to maximize the energy of the group.


We conduct full-moon meditations and universal- healing meditations around the year, where everybody Interested are more than welcome.

Three to four week-ends during the year we hold open week-end workshops with international speakers.



Sunhealing Group, Fuengirola, Spain

Contact: Jorun Bjerkestrand

E.mail.:[email protected]



Uriel, Study and Reserach Center for the Will to Good, Collesano, Italy

Contact: Gaetano Russo


Email: [email protected]

Mail: Uriel, Centro Studi e Ricerche, C.da Mondoletto, 90016 Collesano


“Uriel, Study and Research Center for the Will to Good” was founded as an association in 2011 with the aim of creating a center for studies and research on, and applications of, psychic energy, by which to spread models of a new Culture and a new Civilization, founded on common Good.It was inspired by the Community of Living Ethics and uses Pychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli and his


Inspirators to promote a shared way of living to harmonize human beings in groups and develop their transpersonal levels for active participation in the great problems of humanity and right relationships with Nature and its rhythms. Uriel promotes study and research groups, residential seminars, conferences, lessons, group activities, meetings, exhibitions, writing and audiovisual production and their

diffusion, and wants to fulfill its goals also by linking up and cooperating with Italian and international groups and associations with similar aims.The group of founders, all members of the Community of Living Ethics, was created in 2005 as a group for the study and practice of creative meditation, using the Triennial Course of Creative Meditation issued by the Community of Living Ethics. Since 2008 the group has joined in the subjective Full Moon meditation work held by groups of WSI and has begun to study the spiritual teachings of Tibetan Master during monthly weekend meetings.



Urusvati Research Institute, Turin, Italy

Contact person:  Antonella Nobilio

Email:  [email protected] and/or [email protected]


The Istituto Urusvati has been operating since 1979 and adopted its current structure in 1987. It will, therefore, celebrate the 4th year of the 4th septennium in 2011. It is comprised of approximately 100 people and has its headquarters near the city of Turin in Northern Italy.


The group has no head or leader. It works on a round table basis and is sustained by a subjective hierarchy of consciousnesses; an inner recognition of place and duty. Within the group there is total freedom regarding the individual choice of tasks, functions, study, meditation and service. Nothing is imposed.


The work is mostly subjective and new members are attracted to it through resonance. The group meets for two days on eight occasions during the year. During four major meetings it celebrates the Equinoxes and Solstices - the four discontinuities of the heliocentric and geocentric astrological cycles. During four intermediate meetings it gathers on the ‘Fixed Cross’ to share study, research and experimentation.


It is engaged in various studies that attempt to creatively unfold the teachings of the Tibetan Master and of Agni Yoga. At present the group operates as seven ‘Centres’ in which essentially the subjective work is carried out and five ‘Workshops’ dedicated mostly to research and experimentation.


Its primary objective is to perceive and to live the Plan, and this is done largely through the study and the reading of the heavens.


Its most important characteristic is that of working in six-pointed star/lambdoma formation in imitation of a higher model reflecting, in particular, the seven major ashrams and the forty-two secondary ashrams of our planetary Hierarchy. As may be gleaned from the logo, the six-pointed star (7²) and the lambdoma are really just different geometrical representations of the same structure or ‘system’. This system is one; it is universal; and does not ‘belong’ to the Istituto Urusvati. The members of the Istituto Urusvati have simply ‘acknowledged its existence and taken their place within it’. It is there for all those dedicated disciples everywhere in the world who, by way of the heart, are able to recognise the existing model (or system or order) and to assume responsibility by working within it. This they may do as individuals or as groups; subjectively; since it is always the silent, inner commitment that counts.