An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of United Kingdom/ Northern Europe

  • The Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe, Leeuwarden- The Netherlands

  • Centre of Light, Reading, UK

  • International Network of Esoteric Healing, Emsworth, UK

  • Sundial House Group, East Sussex, UK

  • Wisdom Study Group, Reading, UK

United Kingdom/

Northern Europe

WSI- UK/ Northern Europe Group Descriptions

The Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe

Leeuwarden - The Netherlands (NL)

Contact: Klaas Hoekstra, Odilia Hoekstra and Steven van Kervel  

Email: [email protected]


Tel: 0031 (0)58 2801733


The word "science" is not the cold and heartless intellectual thing so oft depicted. It is in reality the intelligent organisation of spiritual energy and of the forces of love, and when effective, will evoke the response of spiritual Beings Who can again walk openly among men and thus establish a close relation and a constant communication between humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy.


Its mission is to:


• Support the Hierarchy and Shamballa in further anchoring the Ageless Wisdom teaching by the One Life in Europe;


• Invoke and synthesize the living network by the soulpurpose of groups and their nations in Europe;


• Seek, fuse, blend, serve and offer the freedom to discover, share and express the Ageless Wisdom Teaching.


The Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe is part of a worldwide organism and not an organization. It has no board members, secretaries or grades. Its main focus is on Europe as a whole and as a living entity. It is initiated by the demand for more specific advanced research and practical application of the ageless wisdom teaching, which will be further developed during the next preparatory cycle of Aquarius.


It expresses and attracts those souls on the wisdom-aspect of the second ray of love-wisdom who follow the way of Detailed Unity, or the ray of the Divine Quality or Pattern, or of Beauty in Relationship by comprehensive inclusiveness. It involves a high point of synthetic comprehension. It provides a platform and is a vehicle for revelatory aspects of the ageless wisdom teaching throughout all major scientific esoteric disciplines.


The furtherence of the coming seventh ray civilization of synthesis, fusion and of increased soul expression, and the development of the stage into which a true and white magic of the Hierarchy is entering is inevitable and for this stage there should be definite preparation and (advanced) training. The new (thought) forms through which that much desired consummation can be achieved, must be consequently gradually and scientifically developed. The mission of the academy is in alignment and adjustment with the above and its developing esoteric sciences are in support of the Hierarchical Plan.


The academy is an initiative of the World Round Table Foundation (founded in April 1993).



Centre of Light, Reading, UK

Contact person: Lorraine Flower

Email: [email protected]


Our Purpose:

To bring together diverse groups of people committed to the betterment of humanity in ‘round table’ format.  To work together using a spiritual facilitation approach enabling them to enact change in ways that may not otherwise be achieved


Our Vision:

The vision for the Centre of Light is very simple:


‘To invoke consciousness in individuals, communities, organisations, nations and humanity.’


Its scope is concerned with achieving – through inner and outer development – individual unity, balance and wholeness on the spiritual journey and using the resulting awareness in service collectively.


In manifestation, the Centre of Light will reflect the essential paradoxes of life – its utter simplicity and incredible complexity, providing a virtual sanctuary for self-development through to a forum and platform for local and global action.


Our vision is founded on supporting progress to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness for every individual, in the conviction that this is the only true foundation for progress in communities, organisations/business, nations and humanity as a whole.  


The Centre of Light will be a true group endeavour, committed to the evolution of our global community with the leadership, teaching and facilities to support that vision.


Our Approach:

There are four cornerstones underpinning our approach to the Centre of Light. These cornerstones inform every aspect of our work and sit at the core of our practices.


These cornerstones are:

  • Meditation

  • Energy

  • Group Dynamics

  • Creativity/Manifestation


Our Activity:


We work with groups of people to actively raise their levels of consciousness and manifestation – this work currently takes place primarily in the corporate/organisational field - our intention is over time to create multi-focused round table groups who can work together within the Aquarian energy of group endeavour.  



International Network of Esoteric Healing, Emsworth, UK

Contact: Helen Frankland

Email: [email protected]



The International Network of Esoteric Healing (INEH) is a worldwide group practising and teaching Esoteric Healing. It formalised in England in 1982 as a British Registered Charity No. 1032492 with its official office in Emsworth Hampshire (shared with the Teachers’ group). They produce a bi-annual Journal keeping the wider group communicating and hold a UK Annual Conference.


As members taught the work in other countries, various national groups evolved including Australian, Canadian, Czech, German, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Scandinavian and American. Following established esoteric practice each group has adapted the teachings to the unique needs of their culture but follow the same principles of alignment, consciousness of the healer, and attunement to the soul group. All the groups link in Full and New Moon meditations.


There is also an International Teachers’ Group numbering seventy-three at present, who hold a conference hosted by a different country each year. They have a co-ordinating triangle of focalisers, each point aligned to one of the three rays indicated by DK to predominantly govern the building of the New Civilization - 1, 2 and 7. Additional triangles are formed from the three points by various teams who have specific fields of endeavour in the life of the group.


The teachers coordinate and update the INEH training course. This is divided into four parts and teaches techniques that enable a balance within the energy fields so that blockages and disturbances gradually ease and the soul energy can flow more easily and begin a healing process.


The service of Esoteric Healing is much wider than to the individual. This is the starting point; but its effect can ripple out from clients, students, teachers and groups, helping us to recognise the soul behind all forms of life and play our parts in the fulfilment of the One Divine Plan.



Sundial House Group, East Sussex, UK

Telephone: 01892 861150 or 01483 283309

Contact: Janet Derwent

Email: [email protected]



The Sundial House Group (SHG) is an equal opportunity, voluntary non-profit making trust providing non-denominational study materials of creative meditation in the service of advancing right human relations. The creative meditation works with the Laws & Principles of the kingdom of the Soul.  The service and products provided by SHG are designed to enable busy people to introduce more of the sacred into their everyday lives.


The services offered at present are a three-year distant study course for those beginning creative meditation known as the Training Course in Group Creative Meditation (TGCM); and a ten-year study course for trained meditators known as The International Group for Creative Meditation (IGCM).  Four seminars annually are offered to UK students of creative meditation.  There is an annual newsletter and a website


The SHG trustees are committed to increasing publicity by using commercially produced materials and cascading the information out internationally via co-workers.  The trustees recognize the need for steadily increasing the number of students undertaking the new TGCM.  The optional mentoring offered is supervised to ensure quality, and the mentors are creative meditators of long standing.  The trustees recognise the need for initial encouraging support as the personality will conspire to interrupt this response to the soul.



Wisdom Study Group

Contact: Heather Giles: [email protected]


This is a small but growing group of people who have met monthly over the past five years to study together an Alice Bailey book.  This arose out of William Meader’s bi-annual intensive and we are now on our fourth book, “The Rays and the Initiations.”   Out of this regular discussion and thorough exploration our connection has deepened and our service lives developed.


We are all regular meditators who have come together after many years of searching many paths.  We respect and follow the work of The Tibetan and are aware of its transformational effect on our lives.  We all participate in and organise workshops, supervise and develop courses related to our different lives of service.  Many of us are therapists and bring the presence of the soul into our work.  We have read the WSI statements and policy and feel we are in agreement with its inspirational aims and are delighted to be a member group. We have now reached a stage where we have recognised that joining WSI is the next step in our path of development. We are particularly interested to attend the conferences and to meet with other groups internationally.


Spiritual education and consciousness raising mark in some way all our service work.  Several are involved in the arena of psychological and spiritual development with both individuals and groups.  One has aided in developing an  information  service within the health service while several work within the broad arena of psychotherapy, working with autism and mental health problems, including raising awareness concerning ‘bad parenting’ .  Another member has set up and leads a business dedicated to supporting the growth of spiritual leadership and consciousness within organisations.