An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- India

  • Darjeeling Goodwill Center, Darjeeling, India

  • Himalayan Community of Living Ethics, Kalimpoong, India



WSI- India Group Descriptions

Darjeeling Goodwill Center

Darjeeling, India

Contact: Steve Nation

Email: [email protected]




Himalayan Community of Living Ethics

Email:  [email protected]

tel. +91.3552.260956

mob. +91.983.2043800


The Himalayan Community of Living Ethics started in India by members of the Italian Community of Living Ethics in close cooperation with the Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter with the aim of anchoring  Living Ethics in the foothills of the Himalayan peaks in West Bengal, India. The Community is currently operating through two Centers: Crookety House in Kalimpong, an International Centre for Agni Yoga  and the Darjeeling Goodwill Centre located in Darjeeling, with the aim of spreading the seeds of a New Culture as represented by the symbol of the Banner of Peace. Guests aspiring to deepen their study of Living Ethics and Creative Meditation in a natural and energetic environment of particular intensity and beauty are welcome.