An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

World Service Intergroup Meditation

New Evolution Alignment


1.  Recollect the purpose of the meditation, which is to use the New Evolution alignment to receive and radiate universal Christ energies for the uplifting and transformation of humanity and all life on the planet.


2. Align the personality (the conscious self) and focus in the ajna center. Sound the OM inwardly to harmonize each of the three personality vehicles, and once for the integrated personality.


3. Now focus this energy, consciousness and love in the heart center.

  • Link with the superconscious soul, and invite it to bring its love into the heart center, feeling the descent of its love into the heart.

  • From the heart extend this unified consciousness to the subconscious, opening towards it, radiating love to it...

  • Invite the subconscious to focus its energy, love and awareness in the heart center and allow a radiation of love between the subconscious, conscious and superconscious selves in the heart center to grow into a unified, coherent field, radiating out to all your being and bodies...


4. See this synthesized energy in the heart center rising up the spine, through the cave in the head to the heart center in the head center and then to the overlighting soul.


5. Unite as your group, then expand into the lotus of the World Service Intergroup, and link heart to heart with the entire WSI network of groups and their representatives.


6. Recognize our connection with the Mother of World, and the presence of the four Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, and invite their support in this meditation.


7. Standing in the group soul, we cross the group rainbow bridge and expand into the Spiritual Triad.…


8. Enter the Ashram by breathing together as a group, expanding into the frequency of the Ashram of Synthesis.

  • Identify with Ashramic purpose – to establish the foundations of the new civilization on Earth and to support the Externalizing Hierarchy and the Reappearing Christ.

  • Realize the presence of the triangle of three Masters, Master Morya, Master Djwhal Khul and Master Rakoczi. ….

  • See the Angel of Synthesis at the center of that triangle. ....


9. Expand into the Christ standing at the center of the Hierarchy within the triangle of the Buddha, the Avatar of Synthesis, and the Spirit of Peace.


Meditation leader: “We assert the fact of our identification with Christ, Hierarchy, Humanity and the Living Plan. (Pause) And we recognize the Divine Will rules.” .…


10. Expand and link with the Council of Shamballa, and unite our will with the Will of Sanat Kumara.


11. Expand our focus through the physical sun, into the Heart of the Sun and then the Central Sun of the Solar Lord. ….and into the great center, Sirius.


12. See a stream of light pulsing from Sirius through the Heart of the Sun and the Christ, then to the group and to every human heart, and then anchoring into the heart core of the Earth held by the Mother of World.


13. Hold open this alignment. (suggested 10 mins silence or seed thought focus)


14. Gently bring the impressions from the energies, registered in the silence, into the group chalice and allow them to circulate and then formulate as ideas within the group mind. (suggested 1 minute pause)


15. See the worldwide group standing as a lighted center within the Ashram of the Christ, the spiritual Hierarchy. Together sound the affirmation:  


In the centre of all Love we stand

From this centre we, the soul, will outward move

From this centre, we the one who serves will work

May the love of the Divine self be shed abroad

In our hearts, through our groups and throughout the world.


16. See Light, Love and Spiritual Power flowing from Sirius, the Heart of the Sun and Shamballa, blending with the energies of the Christ, transmitting the energies of the Buddha, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Spirit of Peace, flowing into the entire Hierarchy and the Ashram of Synthesis focused by the three Masters.


17. Now, within Divine Law and Order, and with the assistance of the four Archangels, see Light, Love and Spiritual Power from the entire alignment flowing into human civilization including the five planetary inlets (New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling, and Tokyo); radiating to the New Group of World Servers, to men and women of goodwill, strengthening and expanding the pathway of golden white light for the descent of the Christ energy to Earth.


18. See Light, Love and Spiritual Power flowing to the devas of the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. Now see Light flowing into substance of the Earth right to its heart core sun, held by the Mother of the World. See the Light radiating outwards through the substance of the Earth, uplifting and transforming all life on our planet.


19. See the energy circulating back up to Sirius and then back down, creating a great magnetic, planetary torus sphere of co-creation, with energy flowing down from Sirius above and up from the earth and the Mother below, creating the circulation of energies throughout the torus field.


20. Anchor our work with the Word of Power, the Great Invocation, and close with three OMs.



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