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  • Hechal Center for Universal Spirituality, Jerusalem, Israel




WSI- Middle East Group Descriptions

Hechal Centre for Universal Spirituality

Tel: +972-77-9610510

Contact: Uta Gabay

Email: [email protected]




Hechal Centre for Universal Spirituality is a non-profit organization located in Jerusalem, Israel, promoting human relations through training programs of meditation, within the Israeli and the Palestinian society.


We teach the practical application of the universal wisdom teachings mainly through meditative exercises, for beginners and advanced students.


One of our main activities centers around right relations between the Israeli and Palestinian society. For example, we offer meditation courses for Jewish and Palestinian women together, stressing women empowerment. Another area for the promotion of right relations centers around Jewishness.


We hold courses which enable the Jewish participants to explore their personal relation to their Jewishness, with all the complexity and the deeper feelings involved, in a safe environment and in a universal-spiritual context.


Regular Full Moon meditations and other public meditative events are part of our work for many years.