An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- North Eastern USA

  • Ageless Wisdom Study Group, Washington, DC, USA

  • Institute for the Advancement of Service, Alexandria, VA, USA

  • Intuition in Service, Olivebridge, New York, USA

  • New Fusion Group, Washington, DC, USA

  • Sirius Community, Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA

  • Spirit Fire, Leyden, Massachusetts, USA

  • Truthseeker’s Network, Washington, DC, USA



Ageless Wisdom Study Group

Contact: Laurie Ferreri

Email: [email protected]


We are a Washington, DC based group studying the Ageless Wisdom traditions in order to make practical application of the teachings and instructions in daily life.


The group was formed in 2005 by participants of the Center for Visionary Leadership's Science of the Soul courses.  We meet monthly, meditate and study at different group member's homes, and leadership facilitation is rotated among group members.  The group is open to serious students of the Ageless Wisdom, especially, but not limited to, the work of Alice Bailey and Lucille Cedercrans.



Institute for the Advancement of Service

Contact Person:  Carolyn Riesenman Ducca

Email:  [email protected]



The Institute for the Advancement of Service (IAS) is an educational and spiritual organization offering two curriculums of study:  (1) soul development and (2) service and leadership training.  The foundation of IAS teachings and practices derives from The Soul and Service Trilogy.  The Trilogy consists of three books by Susan S. Trout PhD:  Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service, with a foreward by His Holiness The Dalai Lama; The Awakened Leader:  Leadership as a Classroom of the Soul; and The Clarion Call:  Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era.  Much of the writing in the Trilogy is metaphysically based.  


The work of IAS is multidisciplinary and based on two philosophical tenets:

  • The participation in the evolution of one’s soul in a group and

  • The willingness to extend unconditionally the fruits of that evolution in service to humanity.


The following is the purpose, vision and mission of IAS:


Purpose:  To serve in life aligning personal will with Transpersonal Will, thereby honoring the Divinity in ourselves and others.


Vision:  To be a globally aware service organization that fosters soul development through its study, practice, and teaching of a holographic model of leadership and group life.


Mission:  to develop and offer:

  • trainings in holographic leadership, organizational design, and group life for individuals and for organizations.

  • courses, workshops and independent studies in psycho-spiritual development that support the practice of holographic leadership and group life.

  • services and trainings in healing modalities that support individual health and wellbeing.

And to:

  • extend the Institute’s holographic philosophy of leadership and group life through outreach activities, and

  • publish and distribute Institute books, training manuals, educational materials, and articles.



Intuition in Service

Contact Person: Steve Nation

Email: [email protected]



Intuition in Service has two aims:

  • to help in the awakening of the intuition, and to highlight its role in the creation of a better world;

  • to promote human unity and right relationships by encouraging individuals and groups to support United Nations Days and Years through meditation and prayer.


At the heart of the project is a global group of experienced and trained meditators. Using a subjective focus, the group seeks to draw attention to the role of the intuition in human and world affairs. It is our hope that this focus shines a light on the path of love and service in all its diverse forms.


Programmes available through the website include:

  • Global 24-hour Meditation Vigils with groups and individuals registering on line to use the Great Invocation every 15 minutes. At present these are offered for World Invocation Day and International day of Peace;

  • United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative offering suggested meditation outlines for group and individual use in support of the themes of the United Nations calendar, and encouraging groups to support the focus of the UN calendar through their own traditions of meditation and prayer.

  • A Monthly newsletter: ‘Please Hold in the Light’ highlighting international conferences and events of global significance in the coming month.

  • A wide array of quotations from over 100 authors on the nature of the intuition and its role in service work is available on line.



New Fusion Group

Contact person:  Joan Michie

Email: [email protected]


Purpose: To be a group transmitter of light, love and spiritual power in the Washington, D.C. area through:

  • Ongoing meditation work

  • Being a magnetic center for spiritual energies through public full moon meditations

  • Creating thoughtforms of the new political and social order as outlined in the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

  • Striving to attune to guidance from the Spiritual Hierarchy, so as to receive evolutionary ideas and making necessary individual and group transformations.

  • Aspiring to live and express individually as Souls in our daily state of being, and to function as a discipleship group, (as defined in the Tibetan’s teachings) especially in the field of public affairs and social change.

  • Networking, identifying, and supporting inwardly those thinkers and leaders representing transformational ideas and initiatives.

  • Transmitting an understanding of the spiritual laws and principles of the Ageless Wisdom to the general public, through appropriate outer vehicles.




Sirius Community

Tel: 413-259-1251

Email: [email protected] 



Sirius is an intentional spiritual community, a non-profit education center, and an aspiring ecovillage. As a community we support the spiritual growth of all our members, working together in the spirit goodwill and honoring the sacredness of all life. Decisions are made through a meditative, consensus process. On a daily basis, we begin all of our activities with a meditative attunement to the work at hand. The context in which we teach and share and grow together is community. In 1978, former members of Findhorn Community in Scotland settled on 90 acres of land in Shutesbury, Massachusetts which may have been used as ceremonial grounds by earlier cultures. They were inspired to begin a spiritual community and call it Sirius after the star which is esoterically known as the source of love and wisdom for our planet.


Today our adult population at Sirius numbers in the 30s. Most members live on the land and support themselves by working in the community or in nearby towns. Situated between the Quabbin Reservoir and the Connecticut River, Sirius is nestled in the eastern hills of the Pioneer Valley, a fertile seed-bed of spiritual and cultural activity. For the past 23 years, Sirius has been a sustainable living educational center with alternative green buildings, off-the-grid power systems and organic agriculture.


Sirius offers a wide range of educational programs from permaculture to spirituality, including:

  • Full Moon meditations

  • Daily Meditation

  • Weekly Planetary Healing Meditation

  • Ongoing Weekly Meditation Group

  • Spiritual and Sustainable Living Apprenticeship Program

  • Spiritual Living: A Course on Meditation, Daily Spiritual Practice & Life. This six-month course of one weekend a month is derived from many spiritual traditions, with a focus on the Ageless Wisdom Teaching.



Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center

Phone: 413 624 3955 / 888 275 6210



Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center is for those interested in the Path of Life—those driven by or want to know their life’s purpose; those wanting to give from the heart and learn how to set appropriate limits and boundaries to their service in the world. Spirit Fire assists in that process through meditation and a wide range of courses in practical spirituality and self-discovery.


The Practice of Living Awareness starts with the decision to live in self-awareness and do so as much service as possible. This is done through a method of self-development and meditation that fosters the daily practice of self-awareness and consciousness. This brings purpose and presence, every day and all the time so that our life and service become the living manifestation of the Practice of Living Awareness.

We note that the word ‘Awareness’ is capitalized to point out that the self we are becoming aware of is the Soul, our higher or inner self and guide, our true Self. Eventually every thought, word, and action reflects the awareness that "I am soul breathing in the world." Continuing the practice of Awareness, then, automatically deepens and leads one to full Self-realization.

The Practice of Living Awareness and Awareness Meditation is a LIFE PRACTICE. Through it we find our life purpose and are empowered as Souls to help this changing world.


The School of Meditation is focused on Awareness Meditation, offering retreats and a serene environment for self-discovery and spiritual renewal.


The School of Conscious Living is the educative and philosophical arm of Spirit Fire. The School of Conscious Living is the local, non-local, and internet-based set of courses, programs, discussion groups, and podcasts that support that awakening mind and foster the developing heart.

These programs of exploration and self-discovery are both cognitive and meditative. Self-awareness is developed by studying the shared wisdom of the world and through shared group thought and discussion. In this way the mental and emotional aspects of a person are developed and challenged. Participants learn to function as true inquiring and independent thinkers. We apply our minds to the unfolding of our life's purpose so as to better discover our Soul’s gifts and to bring them to full expression, uniquely. This training is both practical and personally expansive, and truly effects how we walk in the world.



Truthseeker’s Network

Tel. 301-218-4157

Email: [email protected]; Or [email protected]



The Truthseeker’s Group was founded in September of 1991. The purpose of the group is to share the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom with interested members of the Washington DC area.


Activities of the group include:

  • Public talks on the Ageless Wisdom

  • Bimonthly Meditation Meetings where we explore and teach group and individual forms of meditation.

  • Study of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as taught by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul and Alice A. Bailey.


·        A major thrust of the group is to disseminate methods for building the Rainbow Bridge and preparing students for greater planetary service.  To facilitate this goal we have developed the Rainbow Bridge website which not only contains instructions for building the Antahkarana but also summarizes the six stages of discipleship promulgated by the Tibetan Master.

WSI- North Eastern USA Group Descriptions