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Member Groups of WSI- Northwestern USA

  • NW School for Religious and Philosophical Studies, Spokane, Washington

  • Path of Light, Ashland, Oregon

  • Wisdom Research, Dayton, Oregon



Group Descriptions of WSI- Northwestern USA

NW School for Religious and Philosophical Studies, Spokane, Washington

Email: [email protected]


The Northwest School for Religious and Philosophical Studies was launched on the Full moon of Leo (August 19th) of 2003. The goal of the school is to train inter-faith and inter-denominational ministers and hands-on energy healers during its three-year training period. The first year’s studies include the major world religions, scriptures and the various death and dying practices of those religions. The second year includes pastoral counselling, psycho-synthesis and energy healing. The students will be exposed to eight different modalities of healing and required to choose one to become certified in before graduating. The third year will consist of special service projects and independent studies as well as the practical aspects of being an ordained minister (sacraments, public speaking, school/church management, etc.)


Running through the curriculum is a strong esoteric theme grounded in the principles of theosophy, anthroposophy and all that makes up the Ashram of Synthesis. This includes the study of the Labors of Hercules as a wholistic “Psychology of Discipleship”, translated into practical daily life, and of course, ongoing meditation training. Ours is not precisely an “esoteric school”, but a bridge to those schools of the future, with a solid grounding in the Piscean religions and an equally solid grounding in the Ancient Wisdom teachings and the “spiritual classics” as they point the way and give us a vision of the future.


The Northwest School for Religious and Philosophical Studies has no outer boundaries limited by doctrine or proscribed teachings and each student is given a broad platform on which to stand while being encouraged to pursue truth wherever it leads him/her, be it into the sacred texts of the world, the developed philosophies of the world or the truths of science. Through learning the core spiritual truths and their own experiences our students will learn to share those highest understandings as ministers, counselors and teachers.


The school’s teaching is by its very nature training in world citizenship and the school belongs to the National, Idaho and California Interfaith Alliances.



Path of Light, Ashland, Oregon

Contact: LaUna Huffines



Our group uses meditation to build a bridge of light to the soul and to the intuitive divine Self. We work to integrate all aspects of the personality, receive spiritual impressions and “unfold” these impressions for use in the world. Our focus is on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as presented by the Tibetan Teacher Djwhal Khul. We are not connected with any religious or political group.  


We began 30 years ago and upon publication of Bridge of Light: Tools of Light for Spiritual Transformation pub by Simon & Schuster, the group grew exponentially. We sponsor four interlaced groups, Triangles of Light, Healing with Light, Path of Light, and the School of Illumination.


In 1995 we created an audio program called Path of Light with four levels that includes further training through seminars. The group is building telepathic rapport with each other and to the One Divine Self and shares spiritual impressions and expansions in life.


The School of Illumination group began in 1998 with a three-year curriculum for those who completed the Path of Light program. This group works together at semi-annual seminars with a focus on service. They write a paper or present a talk for graduation, sharing the service they are offering. Graduates’ work varies from a physician who wrote and published a book on the real cause of illness to another member teaching a group of 50 homeless children in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil; to yet another who is assisting mentally ill patients to recognize their innate abilities; to creating a Telephone Hotline for prisoners in China to talk with a counselor; forming meditation groups in California; and several members teaching Path of Light and Bridge of Light courses in other countries. One group is studying the techniques to dissipate illusions.


Online Triangles of Light is another world service activity for those who share the belief that thought, prayer, and/or invocation is a dynamic tool to lift and aid humanity. We have several hundred active triangles. Members “light-up” their triangle by saying The Great Invocation each day. The triangle brightens when a member lights up online. Thirty-six countries are active, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan, Singapore, S. Africa, Australia, India, Israel, Guyana, Russia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Canada, most European countries, and 47 states in the U.S.A. More than 650 Online Triangles have been created.


Our Healing Community was founded at a seminar on healing in April, 2005 The 48 founding members use radiant healing techniques to heal each other and the New Group of World Servers. The Healing site ( demonstrates the art of radiant healing with a journey through the Temple of Healing. Our Healing Community is focusing on distant healing techniques and is open to new members.



Wisdom Research, Dayton, Oregon

Contact: Pam Nissen

E-mail: [email protected] 

Tel: 503 864-3448


Wisdom Research is the Throat Center group of teachings by Lucille Cedercrans (Schaible). The overall group name is "A New Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom". This new thoughtform is bringing in the New Age concepts of Masters M, R and DK, a synthesis of 1st, 2nd and 7th Ray energies. Lucille Cedercrans wrote lesson material and books providing the "borning" process for an Ashram of Synthesis to manifest in the three planes of human endeavor, bringing spirit into matter.


Her books are available through Wisdom Impressions, publisher - (website: or (PO Box 6457, Whittier, Ca 90609-6457) Corrective Thinking, Creative Thinking, Nature of the Soul short version, Nature of the Soul 40 Lessons, The Soul and Its Instrument, The Disciple and Economy and still to be published Applied Wisdom.