An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- Northeastern USA

  • JJ Esoteric Foundation, Naples, Florida

  • Soul Group of SW Florida



JJ Esoteric Foundation

Contact: Bernadette Bloom  



The purpose of the JJ Esoteric Foundation is to enhance the well being of humanity through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing by educating those interested in energetic living and healing; by assisting individuals in exploring alternative solutions to life threatening situations and providing a safe haven for those who have come to heal from past and present crises.


In accordance with our mission to promote esoteric healing across all levels, dimensions, times and realities through study, service and meditation, JJ Esoteric Foundation Inc., is dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of integrating esoteric healing into the daily living of individuals, businesses, medical and healthcare professions, artistic and creative endeavors, group or community organizations and the entertainment field.


Esoteric healing provides guidance for personal transformation to better health, more joy, a clearer mental status and a stronger spiritual connection.  Empowering individuals to raise their vibrational tones in order to attract what is best and most wanted in their lives, JJ Esoteric Foundation, Inc. promotes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellness via alignment and attunement.  JJ Esoteric Foundation, Inc. is built on the passion, dedication, wisdom, education, experience and expertise of those on the Board of Directors and those in an advisory capacity.  We have incorporated the ideal of shared leadership as a tool of empowerment and cooperation between those who serve and those being served.


Activities will include: quarterly board meetings, regular study groups for members to discuss esoteric healing and ethical, psychosocial and spiritual issues; free talks and lectures to groups or organizations; “The Happenin’” annual three-day event with world-wide presenters; the semi-annual “Art Gathering” at which artists display and sell their creations; fitness seminars taught by licensed professionals incorporating the ideals of  a mind, body and spirit holistic approach; sponsorship of workshops and presentations that  teach  energetic living and healing; and world-wide empowerment tours to sacred sites.




Soul Group of Southwest Florida

Contact: Trisha Porter

Phone:  (239) 405-0574

Email:  [email protected]


The Soul Group of Southwest Florida is a group that was formed for anyone who has taken part one or beyond of the INEH approved Esoteric Healing classes.  The purpose of the group is to study and practice the use of the healing triangles.  Additionally, the group meets to meditate, study the Ageless Wisdom and to share their practical use of the work in daily living.  The primary focus is to study, serve and meditate in order to obtain integration of the personality with the Soul.




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