An International Network of Ageless Wisdom Groups

Member Groups of WSI- Southwestern USA

  • Arcana Workshops, Los Angeles, California

  • The Center for Visionary Leadership, San Rafael, California

  • Dove Healing Alliance, Aptos, California

  • International Foundation for Integral Psychology, Los Angeles, California

  • Meditation Mount, Ojai, California

  • Nature of the Soul, Los Angeles, California

  • Pathways to Peace, San Francisco, California

  • Synthesis Foundation, Denver, Colorado

  • White Mountain Education Association, Prescott, Arizona

  • Wisdom Impression Publishers, Whittier, California



Group Descriptions of WSI- Southwestern USA

Arcana Workshops, Los Angeles, California

E-mail [email protected]



Arcana Workshops is a group of disciples who are dedicated to the work of aiding the externalization of the Hierarchy and the reappearance of the Christ. We serve under the premise that a certain kind of meditation calls out the best that is in us. It enhances efficiency and effectiveness in daily living. It leads to the cultivation of skill in human relations as well as to that deep inner poise which manifests as consistent cheer and courage.Group meditation unites in loving cooperation all who work for the common good.


The highest human creative capacity is the genius to envision and build a better civilization. Toward that end, we attempt to relate each newly acquired knowledge and each new insight to the general welfare.


The purpose of Arcana Workshops is to provide the training, atmosphere, companionship and service opportunities necessary to link the aspiration and spiritual will of Humanity with Hierarchal intent.


In our effort to embody our purpose we provide the following services.

  • Meditation training given in weekly face to face workshops

  • Daily group meditation work

  • Public Community full moon Meditation Meetings

  • Special exact time full moon meditation work

  • The Los Angeles Heart Project public meditations

  • The Millennium 2000 Meditation Project

  • Arcana sponsors and participates fully in the Los Angeles InterGroup production of the Three Linked Festivals of Spring

  • Publications


Thoughtline a monthly journal dedicated to exploring and publishing leading edge work in the field of esoteric philosophy and thought with the expressed purpose of bridging between the esoteric community and the non esoteric planetary intelligentsia.


Full Moon Magic a handy reference guide for those who are involved in full moon meditation work. Full Moon Magic is published every three years and contains times and dates for the sun’s passage through the signs, and other data pertinent to the participation in the full moon mediation work.


The Center for Visionary Leadership, San Rafael, California

Email: [email protected]



The Center for Visionary Leadership, based in the San Francisco and Washington D.C. areas, was co-founded in 1996 by Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin as a non-profit, non-denominational educational organization to provide training in spiritual development and visionary leadership and service. Our approach honors the universal values found in all spiritual traditions.  We feature courses and consulting services for transformational change and inner development. Our purpose is to develop values-based, visionary leadership in all fields of human endeavor by:

  • Offering courses in leadership development and in spiritual development based on the Ageless Wisdom of East and West, especially the work of Alice Bailey, Theosophy and Agni Yoga;

  • Offering a series of courses on The Science of the Soul, which includes the esoteric constitution of the human being, spiritual discipleship, soul/personality integration, and the Divine Plan; with an advanced course on Building the Antahkarana and group work;

  • Hosting monthly meditation meetings and international meditation conclaves;

  • Producing CDs and tapes of seminars and guided meditations;

  • Promoting the application of universal, spiritual values in business and politics;

  • Developing a new process to transcend adversarial politics and find common ground on divisive issues;

  • Researching best practices and whole systems solutions for social problems like poverty, violence and environmental pollution;

  • Producing regular electronic newsletters with insightful articles and spiritual practices.


Dove Healing Alliance, Aptos, California

Contact: Karl Maret

Email: [email protected]


International Foundation for Integral Psychology, Los Angeles, California

Contact: Jacqueline Holley-Pogue

Email: [email protected]


Meditation Mount, Ojai, California

Contact: Michael Lindfield

Email: [email protected]



“The impulse that guides and sustains Meditation Mount had its beginnings back in the 1950s when Roberto Assagioli (the Founder of Psychosynthesis) accepted the challenge given by Master DK to his students, to establish a “united world group given to unanimous and simultaneous meditation upon the work of preparing the world for the new order and for the jurisdiction of the Christ [and] to establish the knowledge of and the functioning of those laws and principles which will control the coming era, the new civilization and the future world culture…” DINA II (Part XIV pp 231-239) by Alice A. Bailey – Lucis Trust.


Meditation Mount is a spiritual center of service located on 32 acres of sacred land overlooking the Ojai valley in southern California. We are committed to carrying out the original assignment taken on by Roberto Assagioli in ways that address the needs of today’s society through the practice of creative group meditation and by seeking to promulgate and embody the Spiritual Laws and Principles. These are the Principles of Essential Divinity, Goodwill and Unanimity and the Laws of Spiritual Approach, Right Human Relations and Group Endeavor.


Our focus is subjective group work, the holding of Full Moon meditations and inspirational education programs as well as community-based events to help people apply the spiritual teaching in daily life.


Meditation Mount also attracts many visitors who come to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the International Garden of Peace. Please visit our website for a photographic tour of the Garden and for a deeper insight into who we are, what we do and how you can join with us in this group endeavor. Namaskara.”


Nature of the Soul, Los Angeles, California

Contact: Greg Tzinberg

Email: [email protected]


Pathways to Peace, San Francisco, California

Email: [email protected] 



(PTP) is an international not-for-profit peacebuilding, educational, and consulting organization. The mission of Pathways To Peace is threefold:

  • to expand the comprehension and substantive expression of "PEACE " and peacebuilding practices at all levels;

  • to build cultures of Peace by uniting and enhancing the strengths of existing organizations and programs along eight paths to Peace;

  • to contribute, through consultation and direct participation, to the evolving mission of the United Nations and to citizens' worldwide participation in the International Day of Peace (Hear The Children Day).


The mission of Pathways To Peace is accomplished through its projects and consulting services. An example of a collaborative project with other organizations is the Inquiry into Peacebuilding for the 21st Century. Through international Peacebuilding Symposia, diverse organizations and thought leaders are forging entirely new ground in cooperative association and strategic innovation for the 21st Century. Guided by an inquiry and a Peace Council process, each unit contributes unique expertise and thereby augments power and purpose to transcend what any one organization or individual could render alone in service.


On a global scale, PTP coordinates the "WE THE PEOPLES" INITIATIVE. This citizens' Initiative is a multicultural and intergenerational movement of established groups and organizations cooperating to make peace a practical reality in the 21st Century. To date, over 200 international organizations in all the world's regions participate, linked via web with over 14,000 organizations in 130 countries. Granted "Peace Messenger Initiative" status by the U.N., this peacebuilding Initiative contributes to the evolving mission of the United Nations and to the direct participation of civil society (especially young people) in strategic decisions which impact the quality of life for the children of this and future generations. The International Day of Peace is the annual Day on which humanity can high-light local/global progress to peace in its multifold expressions. (


Esoterically, PTP's mission is based upon Rays 1 - 3 as an organizing triangle of purpose. PTP's 8 - path Peace Wheel is based upon the Ageless Wisdom, the 7 Rays, and a quarter century of work with the United Nations and other international organizations. Meditation is the basis of our decision process.


"Peace", as it is defined by Pathways To Peace, is both an innate state of being and a dynamic, evolutionary process. PTP's operating principle-in-action is: Acting in concert, we do make a difference in the quality of our lives, our institutions, our environment and our planetary future. Through cooperation, we manifest the essential spirit that unites us amidst our diverse ways.


Synthesis Foundation, Denver, Colorado

Contact: Olivia Hansen, President

Email: [email protected] 


The Synthesis Foundation honors the Oneness of Life and helps advance the trans-Himalayan esoteric teachings, and the progressive spiritual teachings for the awakening public.  It encourages recognition and appreciation of the universal wisdom teachings found in many spiritual approaches in both the East and the West.  The Foundation collaborates with esoteric and spiritual organizations, and supports and promotes these teachings and their practice for the transformation of consciousness and the betterment of humanity and the world.


White Mountain Education Association, Prescott, Arizona

Email: [email protected]



At the White Mountain Education Association, we are dedicated to the encouragement of individual spiritual growth, the expansion of consciousness, and the development of group consciousness. At the WMEA, we believe in living a life of Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, Freedom, Sacrificial Service, Simplicity, and Responsibility.


The WMEA offers a world of opportunity for the spiritual seeker to explore the Ageless Wisdom Teachings:

  • The St. Sergius University and Seminary. Through its various colleges, the WMEA St. Sergius University and Seminary provides transformational studies and courses based on the Science of Living Ethics. For the degree-seeking student, the St. Sergius U & S offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Sunday Service, classes, seminars, and workshops. Sunday Services are offered weekly as are educational classes. For those who are unable to attend in person, classes are available through the Class-by-CD Program and live video broadcasts. Seminars and workshops are also presented during the year on Agni Yoga topics.

  • Meditation correspondence courses. Through the WMEA St. Sergius University & Seminary, students engage in the process of creative thinking and in-depth study.

  • The annual WMEA Living Ethics Conference.

  • Monthly Solar Festivals. Each month, around the time of the full moon, the White Mountain Education Association conducts a Group Meditation and Lecture.

  • Pastoral Services. WMEA offers all pastoral services and sacraments, which are performed by ordained ministers of the WMEA.

  • The WMEA Living Ethics Forum. The Forum provides a space for discussions of the Agni Yoga Teachings.

  • WMEA on the World Wide Web. On our website, visitors will discover information about the WMEA, the Ageless Wisdom, and Great Spiritual Teachers, as well as access audio and video lectures from WMEA founder and president, Rev. Joleen D. DuBois. Issues of our monthly esoteric astrology newsletter, and bimonthly global newsletter Meditation Monthly International, can be found on our website along with our complete online bookstore.


Wisdom Impression Publishers, Whittier, California

Email: [email protected]



Wisdom Impressions is a group of practitioners of The Wisdom. Our purpose is to help create the appearance, support the teaching, and facilitate the distribution of The Wisdom.


Our inner and outer activities include publishing the works of Lucille Cedercrans, including: The Nature of The Soul, The Soul and Its Instrument, Creative Thinking, Ashramic Projections, The Disciple and Economy, and Leadership Training.


Wisdom Impressions is not a non-profit organization. However, no one connected with Wisdom Impressions receives any money for services rendered. Everyone is a volunteer and all income from book sales is returned to our general fund for operating expenses and future publications.


"The Wisdom is not religion, though it is applicable to it; it is not education, nor science, nor psychology, nor healing, nor government, etc., though it is applicable to, and within, all of these. It is, then, a profession in itself, which will, when adequately developed, express itself in many specialized aspects.


Its purpose will be to synthesize, through its magnetic quality of Light, the consciousness of the many into a One, i.e., to attract, relate, and integrate the separative consciousness of human beings into a living totality of One Humanity."

The Nature of The Soul, p. 325


"Cooperative leadership is, in a sense, or results in, the perfect democracy. There is first the ability to be inspired, which is followed by the ability to inspire. This is a prime requisite insofar as cooperative leadership is concerned, and one should realize that the major energy, the primary energy of the leader is that of inspiration."

Leadership Training, by Lucille Cedercrans, p. 69